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Live chat customer service has become an expectation to the modern customer-more than half of all customers prefer chatting with someone in real time via chat rather than picking up their phone. More than 18,000 businesses, including Adobe, Citibank, HSBC, EE, IBM, L’Oreal, PNC, and The Home Depot employ our technology to keep pace with rising customer service expectations and to align with preferences for digital communication channels. And so the high end assumes that trajectory continues where we’re seeing good traction with usage, existing customer demand and ramping partners. For a ticketing system, most users expect a response in less than 24hrs. For live chat, less than 1.5mins, and for phone, 3 minutes is considered good (though rare). This software was often used in combination with “Finger,” a program that allowed users to determine whether one user or another was present online at the time. When the company recently announced its 2021 fourth-quarter results, the stock fell nearly 26% in just one day. The per share weighted average fair value of stock options granted during the three and nine months ended September 30, 2014 was $4.57 and $4.99, respectively.

The Company’s assets and liabilities that are measured at fair value on a recurring basis, by level, within the fair value hierarchy as of September 30, 2018 and December 31, 2017, are summarized as follows (amounts in thousands). I think the auto business in the dealership side is a little soft but yet, we’re on the OEM side, we’re seeing some real activity because the OEM, the manufacturers are looking at, we got to sell cars. I guess just maybe starting with the guide, if you look at the high to low end of the range, talk about the variability, sort of the top one or two key unknowns and how you think about best case, worst case there to sort of come up with the bounds that you set? But let’s skip ahead for a moment just to show people how far you’ve come from there. What was that as a percent of the first quarter revenue there? It just reached double digits in the first quarter. DeSantis is also requesting that the President grant FEMA the authority to provide 100% federal cost share for debris removal and emergency protective measures for the first 60 days from Ian’s landfall.

If we had been in less of a hurry, it would have cost far less. And next we have a question from the line of Michael Latimore with Northland Capital Markets. And our next question is from the line of Jeff Van Rhee with Craig-Hallum Capital. And our next question is from the line of Brett Knoblauch with Berenberg Capital. Your line is open. It is widely loved and has a strong fan base across geographies. Even how we’re bringing employees into the company, we have a huge remote employee base as it goes. And right now obviously, we built it because we said the commerce will happen on our platform, and we can see it even today. An Allstate agent will be happy to provide you with a quote. Price: Plans start at $16 per agent per month. Languages – setup the language for Agent Workspace. So, your support agents don’t have to speak foreign languages to respond to requests. We’re training new agents. But I think auto dealer, which is very small businesses and people aren’t going to dealerships for, say, for selling maybe although there are a lot of sales happening. The first is just curious for an update on the payment-related investments and if you’re executing that on schedule or I guess just ultimately where we are with that?

Yes. We’re still on schedule for the end of the year. So when we think about the guidance range, obviously, as we talked about, we’re on a good trajectory, through the first half of this year. But we’ve caveated it because we know there’s a lot of uncertainties out there tied to the macroeconomic environment, and that’s why we’ve reduced the low end of the guidance range to $340 million. “By January of 2001, it was pretty obvious that we were going to go out of business,” LoCascio says. Is it bankruptcies out of customers? Harvey Norman is the other Australian brand singled out for inclusion by Apple. Diluted net loss per common share for the three months ended March 31, 2015 and 2014 does not include the effect of options to purchase 10,152,741 and 9,678,582 shares of common stock, respectively, as the effect of their inclusion is anti-dilutive. Revenue attributable to our monthly hosted Business services accounted for 89% and 90% of total Business revenue for the three months ended March 31, 2016 and 2015, respectively. With Business Chat in Safari, Maps and Siri you can chat to the restaurant directly in the Messages app and see menu recommendations and actually place an order and pay, all inside of messages.