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Regularly Understood to Make Your Seminar. Section 2.3. Liability of the Sole LLC Member. Except as required by the Act, the debts, obligations and liabilities of the Company, whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise (including, without limitation, those arising as member, owner or shareholder of another company, partnership or entity) shall be solely the debts, obligations or liability of the Company, and the Sole LLC Member shall not be obligated for any such debt, obligation or liability of the Company solely by reason of being a member of the Company. Nothing in this LLC Agreement shall be interpreted as to limit or impede the rights of the United States Securities Exchange Commission (the Commission ) to access and examine such confidential information pursuant to the federal securities laws and the rules and regulations thereunder, or to limit or impede the ability of any officers, directors, employees or agents of the Company to disclose such confidential information to the Commission or ISE Gemini.

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