Will Live Chat Ever Die?

Their live chat widget is always on display on the bottom right of the dashboard, which makes connecting with someone very easy. As we’ve said, we do wish they had some data centers closer to Asia, so we could untap even faster speeds and Live Chat within our timezone. Bluehost’s data centers are based in the US, and they’ve got pretty good pings (below 200 ms) from most of the world with a worldwide average of 153 ms. One problem though – they could have done better in Bangalore, with a 330 ms score. Something important to note is that DreamHost has only 2 data centers – both of which are based in the US. DreamHost themselves say that their support team are all highly trained experts in WordPress. BUT, if your website is mostly serving audiences in the US or Europe, we’d say DreamHost is one of the best hosts you can pick from. As expected, speeds got significantly slower when serving regions further away from the North American continent.

For now, expect just average speeds if you’re only targeting Indian audiences. As we’ve touched on, if your site is targeting audiences in Asia, the ideal scenario is to host from a datacenter based in Singapore. They include lots of 1-click installations, free templates, and even throw in a nifty drag-and-drop WP Website Builder to get your WordPress site up quickly. We like using Bluehost, and a big plus for Indian websites is that you’ll get localized support because you’ll actually be speaking to a dedicated Bluehost India team. To investigate HostPapa for ourselves, we set up and hosted a grand total of 3 test websites. You can also proactively welcome visitors to chat, switch from client talks to video calls and screen sharing, set up canned messages for typical concerns and circumstances, and get feedback ratings on your service. Pure Chat helps you to check how many visitors are on your website, their activity history, number of visits, and identify the best quality leads so you can start a conversation with them at any given moment. The most essential integrations allow you to connect your CRM, customer support software, and billing tools so your agents can provide contextually relevant service at scale.

Of course, this is the help desk service of choice for companies with IT-heavy brands and products. Bluehost was formed in 2003 and quickly went on to becoming one the top web hosting brands in the market. They’re actually 1 of only 3 web hosts who are ‘officially’ endorsed by WordPress. These are one of the biggest and most experienced hosts around. After all, their average worldwide speed is actually the fastest out of all hosts on this list! That said, HostPapa only comes second on our list since it only has servers in the US, Canada and Europe. The platform also comes with features that support efficient collaboration among teams. “A value-packed and cheap hosting solution with solid support! DreamHost offers a range of different support options, including live chat, a ticketing system, a forum, call-backs, and a pretty great knowledgebase. Our tests with DreamHost have left us convinced they’re especially awesome if you plan to host a WordPress site. They’re especially popular in India, but does their popularity equate quality? That’s because they’re a hub for subsea cables and can offer the best speeds and stability to the Asia region. This growing trend for “dual-screening” or “second-screening” has inspired adidas to build a cutting-edge Facebook site called adidas Game Day, where All Blacks fans can gather together virtually while they’re watching the match (or if they can’t get to a telly).

We’ll also have access to Zyro, their outstanding website builder that’s specially designed to get your site up easily, fast and hassle free! What we liked about Hostinger India is that it doesn’t matter if your customers are based in Asia, America or Europe; their servers produce pretty fast response times in most regions. Headquartered in California, DreamHost has served over 400,000 customers and 1.5 million sites, to date! See our DreamHost review to find out more. Below you will see a list of email marketing platforms that I used. Like subject lines, things like your font size, image size, CTA can all have an impact on your email marketing ROI. ’s not ideal. The good news is, you can still submit a ticket, browse the forum or dig into the knowledgebase at any time of day. They provide a complimentary permanently plan with unlimited chats, history, notifications, endless registered operators, and approximately 5 operators online at the very same time. However, there are a few ways to cut down the time it takes to decide and make efficient strides to adopting a new software product. However, they are launching an India server soon, which means we can expect lightning-fast speeds in the near future!