Why Everybody Is Talking About Chat…The Simple Truth Revealed

LoCascio: Yeah. Like I said, I came to the conclusion about five years ago that web chat was not going to do it. LoCascio: Yeah, we’ve done that since beginning. Yeah, totally. So I, I think that that is that’s how you get to be a billion dollar brand. Moser: Yeah, I’m sure that puts the consumer at ease there, knowing that. To Facebook and stuff, the consumer is a product. LivePerson Inc. added new artificial intelligence capabilities to Maven AI, a conversational AI product that aims to replace traditional websites and 800 numbers. The hard truth is that RPA is a decades-old technology that is brittle and has real limits to its capabilities – leaving a trail of broken bots which can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. Right there on the bottom right of the screen is that little chat bot, that box that says, “Hey, how can we help you?” That’s essentially what you guys are doing, right? You can also proactively invite visitors to chat, switch from consumer chats to video calls and screen sharing, set up canned messages for typical concerns and circumstances, and get feedback ratings on your service.

That’s about personalizing the experience with the consumer. What would you change about your experience with Tenfold? LoCascio: Like every entrepreneur, there’s an event that happened, and you thought, “Why can’t I change that?” It happened that I was shopping on the website at Dell computer. I thought, “That’s weird. If I’m living in the digital world, I’m doing commerce in a digital world, why can’t I converse in that digital world?” That made me invent the technology of web chat at the time, and I basically built the company around it from that point forward. And Chris will provide more details, but we’d anticipate that this investment will accelerate LivePerson’s momentum and positioning to approach if not achieved 20% growth by the fourth quarter of 2019 and to generate at least 20% growth if not better in 2020. My conviction in these targets come from two points, that have been well established in 2018. First, conversational commerce is real and gives substantially very large opportunity. Shopify is the best when it comes to e commerce. That value and that value chain comes from everywhere, from the network operations all the way up to, we’re always innovating.

The results of operations for any interim period are not necessarily indicative of the results of operations for any other future interim period or for a full fiscal year. Can you talk about any of the things going on in the financials space in particular that have you excited about the future? These are things that we look at. In order to do first, we always have to be running at such a level of expertise and quality, because we’re trying to get people to do things in their own organizations that are going to put them on the line. We’re the first to do things in the world. They don’t need millions of dollars in order to be motivated to create really quality things. Grasshopper – Don’t make the mistake of comparing Grasshopper with other phone services. We can’t be on Amazon Web Services because they’re not even secure enough for the conversation of data we have. Namogoo provides two products with a different set of capabilities, CyberKnight for financial services companies and DigitalKnight for eCommerce and Publishers. You have to find talented people with certain skill sets to be your Coast consultants, you have to retain them, you know, these companies can take decades to grow.

We are sitting on one of the richest data sets of conversational data in the world. So I think part of that, we did a call, a virtual conference, I think about a week ago and we had close to 1,000 people show up about business continuity in the contact center, and how do you maintain that now in the new world order. Vodafone Germany was the first company to go scale at WhatsApp through the contact center from voice calls to WhatsApp. I’ve been checking that out periodically here since we’ve been covering the company. So everybody goes check out Jason’s podcast, give him five stars on here. Because if I took out the COVID testing, it would seem like the — that’s something that it would be even slower. We have Citibank and HSBC and American Express and companies like that. LoCascio: The thing that I think makes us very different than most technology companies in the world is, we really are representing the brands.