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This was offset by $4.8 million in reimbursements, which are recorded in our operating cash flow, resulting in a net impact of negative $1.6 million to free cash flow for facility spend. 0.10, assuming a weighted average shares outstanding of approximately 114.6 million. 0.25, assuming weighted average shares outstanding of approximately 116.7 million. We also had a shift in payment timing of $4.1 million into Q1 related to headquarter facility spend. Looking ahead, we expect free cash flow to be approximately negative $8 million in Q1, which includes the $4.1 million timing shift for facilities capex from Q4 and some replacement equipment related to the move. Total capex spend was $8.5 million, with $6.4 million of that related to facility spend for the headquarters move. Now let’s move to our outlook and guidance. We have not made any specific adjustments to our guidance at this time. Now for our guidance numbers for Q1 and fiscal ’21. Full-year revenue is now anticipated to be between $357 million and $361 million, up from the company’s previous target for sales between $340 million and $355 million. And so now customers really are coming live and giving us just increased confidence that the integration is solid.

Yeah. So, as you know, we’ve been on this journey to deliver the integration between these two products, and that has gone well over the last few quarters. In other words, a few customers last quarter that you talked about going live this quarter. Unlike phone or web-based solutions, messaging conversations persist throughout order fulfillment and live on in conversation threads, creating opportunities to further engage customers with automations for feedback surveys, follow-up offers, and customer service inquiries. This latest evolution of LivePerson’s suite of Conversational AI services surfaces and measures intents – what customers want – instantly in brand-to-consumer conversations over SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, RCS, Apple Business Chat, and other popular messaging channels. I feel the teams we have in place are best-in-class, and I feel good about the progress we made in our business transformation over the past year. Ensure that you have an appealing logo that can pass on a message to your potential clients.

And how should we think about maybe incentives on driving new logo growth? As evidenced by our Q4 performance, I think that Zuora’s better positioned than any other company to continue to be the leader in helping companies go through the subscription journey. I have all the confidence in Zuora and the team here to continue being the leader in subscription management and realizing the vision of the subscription economy. I’m incredibly proud of the company we’ve built here. After being a part of Zuora for the past 10 years, I’ve decided to pursue a new challenge at another company starting in April. Zuora will always be a special place, and I’m incredibly thankful to my team, the ZEOs, directors and shareholders, as this has been a journey of a lifetime. I would love to do So, what has surprised you the most in your entrepreneurial journey? Tien, I am most grateful for you bringing me on this journey and trusting me to go through this journey with you. We are targeting adjusted EBITDA in the range of $1 million to $2 million, bringing us to profitability one quarter earlier than anticipated.

Since 2005, leading healthcare organizations have been relying on Phreesia’s innovative point-of-service platform to improve efficiency and profitability. Artificial Intelligence learns from data sets that humans provide or through circumstances that humans have created. Connectionist Temporal Classification is a loss function useful for performing supervised learning on sequence data, without needing an alignment between input data and labels. We currently maintain contracts with these third parties restricting their access, use and disclosure of personal data. Apart from it, the simple and easy CODE web-site creator allows people to develop a completely responsive web-site which may be accessed via a personal computer or mobiles. And finally, on to more personal news. And it’s a rule I didn’t in my early startups, I didn’t quite follow because I didn’t really no. So what you don’t want to do is sugarcoat what you you, you tell them, you don’t want to give them news that is better than reality. And better yet, an option should be present for the customer to leave their comments and queries on the website itself instead of just being redirected to another medium of communication like email. We expect full year free cash flow to be better than negative $22 million.