Want A Thriving Business? Avoid Liveperson Chat!

At Workato, we use tools (such as IBM Watson) and CS apps – like Zendesk and ServiceNow – in conjunction with AI to accelerate business efficiency. When your team member opens the Guru extension over Zendesk or LivePerson, a Link to Ticket option will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the Guru Card. If a visitor chats, the LivePerson chat window will set a persistent first-party cookie. Our next question will come from Peter Levine with Evercore ISI. Peter. Congratulations on the quarter and I appreciate you taking the question. And I want to thank the team for just having an exceptional quarter obviously this is 38% growth is the highest growth quarter we’ve had in the history of the company and it’s not just that we have an awesome platform which is the engineering team has done a great job with and they continue to. But what happened during COVID is, obviously, with the shutdown of stores and now the opening and shutting down and opening and shutting down, this may go on for another year, the retailers need to digitize their relationship with their consumers, and they want to have conversations. Obviously, we still have the best messaging platform in the world.

I guess is that still the goal? So I guess I wanted to shift back to talk a little bit about Engage. However, during the hours they are open, both services average one question per hour, suggesting that the two services may be a bit more alike than would appear at first glance. Could you talk a little bit more about the mix of bookings that came from direct versus indirect channel? We also built the banking platform to support the use of our own credit cards, our own savings accounts our own checking accounts and so that’s also in the market now too it’s been in the market for 90 days a little over 90 days so. Yes, as I mentioned before it’s in the market now and I talked about two use cases when I was doing my initial script. Yes, two from me, real briefly, Rob. We also closed two seven-figure deals in that region, one expansion and one new logo. Okay great and then one follow-up. Got it. And then on the deal counts I mean obviously the ARPUs are surging and your customers that are getting on board absolutely they seem to love the platform from your numbers and from our checks that the offset to that is the deal counts are down I know the prior marketing model was the big weekend events at a referral-based customer.

But there’s still mid-market test because then the enterprise went up even bigger. So I went into hotel gift shops in downtown Salt Lake and I started just I’d go in and meet the manager, I drop off a sample and literally just say, Hey, we have this pancake mix, would you be interested in carrying it here? Hey, Jeff. It’s really driven by strategic changes to our go-to-market motion for mid-market and small businesses. But I think there’s money on the table in the small business that we should go after. And so I mean I think we’re going to start to look there. There’s just so much opportunity right now it’s like every quarter it is like a new adventure for the company like there’s just-like this city thing that popped up and so they’re like look we want to get our employees back to work can you help us? So these investors, you should look into their background, you should ask other entrepreneurs who’ve worked with those investors like say, enter, tell me the companies you’ve worked with.

I’d like to turn the call to Rob LoCascio for closing remarks. And ladies and gentlemen, it seems we have reached the end of our call today. We’ve reached the end of our call today. Is it a conscious focus really to stay at those fewer deal counts with about much larger deals what’s the balance there? We also landed seven-figure deal through our partner network and on the direct side obviously the balance of those seven-figure deals, so I can give you-by direct and partners. And you do such a good job with our customers, can you get our employees to testing and do and bring them back to work and take these tests using a Conversational AI and we did it within weeks. And I just want to thank every employee at the company, working with the work from anywhere and delivering these types of results and meeting the increased demands of our customers in the market, they’ve just done an exceptional job.