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Along with announcing its second-quarter results, LivePerson reduced its guidance for the full year. While the company doesn’t believe the issues that are hurting its results this year are serious, investors aren’t so sure. At the financing level, firms like Obvious Ventures, Atomic, or Science are providing the funding to get companies off the ground, but also enacting a much more hands-on and collaborative approach. Messaging volume that was partially or fully automated increased quarter-over-quarter and reaching more than 70% of the total messaging volume. Revenue increased 38% year-over-year to $107.9 million in the first quarter and grew approximately 6% quarter-over-quarter exceeding the high end of our guidance. First, we’ll transform the global contact centers to help them with customer care retention, expand into commerce use cases with our highly differentiated two-way product to messaging which will generate a customer response rate as high as 35% for several brands already using it. Total annual contract values signed in the quarter hit a record high increasing more than 120% year-over-year. This is a great feature that is included with all plans, although it is worth noting that you will have to pay more if you are on a pay-per-minute plan. In other words, Covid-19 tailwinds for e-commerce adoption are huge and resilient.

Our gain share business driven largely by e-commerce experienced a solid top line and robust pipeline for upcoming quarters across North America and EMEA. Over the year they massively expanded with their service with us multiple times through our gain share model, not only in customer care, but also by moving into commerce through in app and product and messaging. They’re adding QR codes on food packaging, giving customers the ability to easily scan the code, download the app and sign up for the loyalty program via an automated SMS message sent from the bar and if we done it-this program and packaging is starting to rollout in over 9,000 Dunkin stores in the United States. Working closely with the Siri team in the matter of weeks we launched the Bella app on the Conversational Cloud. Brands can now message social conversations including public and private messages at scale increasing the surface area of automation touch points and the other capabilities when in the Conversational Cloud currently enabling brands to match customer care and social within our platform and our long-term vision to find an engine and social solution for care and marketing powered by AI and automation.

In the immediate future, we will assist the brand in reducing operating expenses and raising member satisfaction by shifting calls to messaging and introducing automation at scale. Like many other companies the brand was challenged due to head count churn as its contact center and shutdown and customer satisfaction ratings were hurt as well as revenue. For e-commerce, marketing, and contact center executives, as well as small business owner/operators, this produces compelling and measurable results. This acceleration of growth was fueled by a combination of growing wider and deeper with existing customers, as well as adding new large brands. So we have a lot of vectors of growth that are going to contribute to that as well. Our CX-as-a-Service platform is the key enabler that underpins all these main growth vectors. Overall platform volume at the end of March increased nearly 40% year-over-year while automation volume accelerated by almost 50% year-over-year.

You know, those people, we only buy what we really care about at the end of the day, like, if so, your advice. Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of the question-and-answer session, and I would like to turn the call back to Mr. Robert LoCascio for closing remarks. “Just remember to always bridge the conversation back to your outstanding skills and experience. We envision the consumer experience with AI powered messaging replacing costly voice calls. We started by launching both web messaging and a QR code experience that lets customers message with their dually consultants from any device that basic start achieves 70 million messaging driven sales-in just $70 million in sales in just a few months. You’ll start another one after that. The first is our win of a multi-year seven figure contract with huge potential for expansion with one of the top three healthcare companies in the world.