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They were going to re-write the browser from scratch, and get rid of Internet Explorers as the main browser. I also worked with Adobe people on Brackets before, one of the other editors that run in the browser. No one really knows how big the deep Web really is, but it’s hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of times bigger that the surface Web. You have to be aware of the interface, even if it’s some level out from your work. So it’s very easy to build a broken interface with JavaScript. It’s much harder to build a broken interface with CSS if you know what you’re doing. And then I worked on the Yahoo User Interface library (YUI), which is now kind of like “farm sourced”, you know, it’s out on the farm with the other open source libraries where somebody maintains it, but we don’t know who. I wish I had worked more on Chromium when it started.

I could have started my own company, become a CTO and get VC funding. When browsers started building developer tools inside the browser, I realized there is a great opportunity there to help developers, and I wanted to be part of that. And when other browsers followed suit and all the browser makers worked in the open. Everybody that I worked with back then is still a big number in JavaScript, like Nicholas Zakas. In Yahoo, I was super excited to work with people like Douglas Crockford and he was one of my first code reviewers in the company, which is scary, but turned out he was actually quite okay with what I’ve been writing. I think there’s a lot of products that over time changed the web and this was one of those that kickstarted it. If we gave people who wrote documentation and make things understandable to other people the same respect we gave to the original developer, I think we would have a more diverse and interesting market to play in. If you keep saying “I’m the JavaScript developer, but I also need to do the CSS and I hate doing it”, then don’t do it. And I’m like, “Well, no, we don’t write a browser in jQuery”.

Well, I build Web applications for a long time, and I found that the browser is a lot of times the reason for issues we’ll see. So how did you get to a place where you were actually working on browser technology instead of building Web applications? Any electricity they purchase from individuals is electricity they don’t have to generate, which might give them the option to forestall building and maintaining additional power plants in the future. Theoretically, a copyright should last just long enough to give people an incentive to create and innovate. A lot of people went to other companies like Salesforce, where they do component libraries. What they were doing was one of the best documented libraries at that time. And JavaScript is always the one that gives you more granularity and actually more responsibility. It’s already a conversation, and that means you have to talk to more people in the company.

That’s why Mozilla and Firefox was a great company to work for. Mozilla took the took the stance of saying “We want to build an operating system on HTML. This market is big enough for us to collaborate with other people and in essence, that’s what you want to do if you want to build a product that is sustainable because sooner or later you will be sick or you have to get out and somebody else has to do your bits. A will is a legal document that instructs others how you want your property distributed after your death. If you send an IM to someone who is offline, the message will pop up as soon as they sign back in. It’s really hard to find somebody who is technical, can write the thing but also document and explain it to other people out there. It seems like every time we have a breakthrough where you know, some capability comes out, people find new and interesting ways to take advantage of it. That subsidy costs the government an additional 14 percent per person in Medicare Advantage compared to a person with traditional Medicare. Now let’s take a look at how much it costs a worker to actually go to work, instead of telecommuting to work.