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LivePerson can echo the search query of the user with content, to make offers on similar products, or use instant chat so a user can be instantly request a product and be led to the correct product page. 4. SECURITY. On End Customer’s written request not to exceed more than one (1) time per calendar year, Tenfold will make available its materials describing its security safeguards and a high-level summary of its audit and compliance reports (the “Security Materials”). IBM and LivePerson have teamed up on what the companies are describing as an “out-of-the-box integration of bots and AI with human agents” that combines the talents of IBM’s Watson Virtual Agent technology with LivePerson’s LiveEngage platform to essentially help chatbots get smarter with increasing customers interactions. We felt, well look, we’ve got chat on the websites of the businesses, but what if we could power the communication between the consumer and expert and also have chat there. I’ve done all the things out there before e-commerce was the avenue where you can just easily put something up there and someone will buy it. So, Cliff, welcome. I want to hear just a little bit about sort of, I started out by saying that you came from Marin, actually even further.

Moser: You know, I’m really glad you mentioned that, because we talk about this all the time at work, and it does feel like — I mean, obviously, no one is saying that the pandemic is a good thing, right, but as with most things, good things can come from it. Whereas with high margin keywords, the manager can leverage text or voice chat to respond to the user on the site directly. LivePerson may be most recognized for their instant chat software for websites which enables your customer service team to respond to users in real time whilst they are browsing your website, but this is just one piece of the suite of content marketing software that enables businesses to leverage customer engagement data in real time in order to place the right message in a timely manner via the right channels. The company polled more than 5,000 adults in six countries and found that messaging and conversational AI are more widely adopted and trusted than ever before, with the overwhelming majority of consumers of all ages reporting a strong desire to message with brands, according to a press release.

That presents a much different way of thinking about AI’s impact on retail than we have thought about it before, and it’s central to how we should think about the evolution of chatbots in retail, from one-dimensional automated middlemen to being one tool that is part of the broader, varied way in which we interact with retailers and brands. Similarly, Keyword Lift should enable managers to reduce wastage around the associated costs of customer service representatives as jobs will only be assigned to users who have been identified as showing a high propensity or intent to convert. The new methodology is based on the idea that optimizing conversational AI is best guided by the crowdsourced insights of contact center agents, who are already experts in working with customers. ’s so I mean, so you pitch the idea. So, I mean, I think, when I look at the best entrepreneurs today, I always say it’s the people that are actually starting. Most people feel “neutral” toward chat bots: 31% of respondents worldwide feel positive, and 18% feel negative. LivePerson’s latest product is Keyword Lift, which analyzes your paid search activity and algorithmically suggests courses of action for the marketer to deploy strategies to “intercept” users on their website to increase the chances of creating an “assisted conversion” either via relevant personalized content or one to one human interaction via instant chat.

SEW spoke to Avinoam Zelenko, Product Owner of Keyword Lift and Analytics Driven Engagement at LivePerson, who explained that although this latest product is focused on paid search traffic, the software does not manipulate keyword bids (or change anything in your PPC interface) but instead is “an intelligence layer” of real time on-site performance metrics such as content clicks, page views per user, action types (e.g what a video, email sign up), bounce rates and exit rates to bring more color to the actual conversion process. For LivePerson, the ultimate goal has always been toward accelerating the adoption of conversational commerce by the enterprise and small businesses around the world, be it in the form of AI, messaging, or bots, combined with human intelligence. Depending on what products you’re viewing, you might suddenly see a message: “Our enterprise specialists are here to help. Those challenges call for a new generation of chatbots that are ready to handle customer demands, but also are smart enough to ask for help when they need to. I don’t need any more information.” I was like, “Great. I’ll give you the 500,000 for 35% of the business and Joe and I walked in thinking okay, maybe 10% maybe we could stretch up to 15%. And, and so once they started with those, you know, we were like, Alright, we’re pretty far away.