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The expansion into LivePerson MultiCARE will offer AAFCU members unique technology and additional benefits. If you experience any issues, please contact LivePerson support or your account team. Enter the email address on your account. The big story in the digital music space since the time of our last study, published in 2012, has clearly been Spotify, surging from $3 million in U.S. 45 Looking at the data from the studies our team has conducted in 2008, 2012, and now 2016, it is evident that in the digital domain unlike the bricks and mortar world of high barriers to entry enterprises can go from barely being on the radar in one report to a dominant force in the next. Rob talks about how their technologies are being used by consumers, and how they have helped companies and consumers alike during this pandemic, in particular. 62 Profitability eludes all players in this sector, for these reasons: Licensing costs remain high, with industry leaders Pandora and Spotify reporting as much as 70 percent of revenues being paid out to rights holders 63, who are generally the music labels. For example, Activision s K filing reported an increase of $605 million for revenues from digital online channels, representing 57 percent of the company s total revenues.

Spotify, with its 30 million paying users in 2015 representing about 30 percent of its user base, reported losses of almost $200 million in , Pandora s losses were reported at over $170 million 60, Rhapsody s at $35 million 61, and SoundCloud is reported to have spent $63.8 million to generate $19.7 million. 52 This trend was buoyed by two factors: the growing popularity of music streaming services available in ad-supported freemium and ad-free paid formats, and the convenience of mobile listening via app and smartphone, with mobile listening representing 74 percent of digital audio consumption in the U.S. Discord’s group chat platform achieved popularity as a tool for gamers to organize group play in multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, but quickly became widely adopted by the emerging internet-based neofascist movement. High sales and marketing costs as new entrants such as Apple, Amazon, and Tidal enter the space Games The video game industry, once dominated by console-based, offline play continues to shift to online play and revenue. TV, film, home video, and games. 2011 and 2015, from $274 million to $931 million, and picked up additional users with its acquisition of streaming service Rdio, after it filed for bankruptcy in late Rhapsody, one of the pioneers in this space with a decade of operating history in online music, reported $220 million in global revenue in 2015 and approached 3.5 million subscribers.

So popular is this more customer-centric approach to market that 31 percent of publishers report that they now have their own in-house facilities for the production of native advertising and branded/sponsored content 46 and robust digital publishing business models have been built upon the strategy, with the majority of BuzzFeed s revenues coming from native advertising, a significant portion of Vice s stemming from the same, and publications such as The Atlantic reporting 75 percent off its ad revenue coming from sponsored content, and Slate s revenue breakdown now at 50 percent sponsored content and 50 percent banner and display advertising was also the first year podcasting a technology that has been around for over a decade appeared at New York s annual advertising Upfronts. 64 majority of this income, as for the first time streaming topped paid downloads, a sales channel now in decline. That’s why when you see that, we now have the pipelines grow like they have over the year.

An industrialization of individual content creators, agents and networks specializing in influencer marketing emerging, resulting in, for example, the more than $1.5 billion and 35,000-plus full time equivalent jobs we have estimated for U.S. Our estimate for Online Music Services is $2.5 billion and 3,163 jobs. Online Music Services Music is often referred to as the canary in the coalmine for digital businesses, the first to be sent into the darkness, with other sectors able to look over its shoulder and observe the outcome, however dire. 63 to evolve we expect the former number to grow and the latter numbers to retreat in the years to come across digital audio services such as podcasts, streaming music services, and the digital live and on-demand services of traditional audio broadcasters Specialized Research & User Generated Content In this section we report on services that aggregate consumer reviews, business reviews, and other ratings services.