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And then, I guess, as I think about for companies that are new logos, especially as you think about the new contract signings, and so let’s just say a completely new to LivePerson. And and the path to the path to actually get this brand to the you know, call it a billion dollar brand, what what I could say is like a mega brand, is is a lot more in reach, than I ever would have thought it could have happened years ago. I would say this renewal, our fourth with this customer is the largest contract in LivePerson’s history. During the fourth quarter, we also began feeding the investments in the mid-market SMB organization. In another win for the quarter, we expanded our 10-year-plus long relationship with one of the world’s largest entertainment and media companies for a seven-figure ACV multiyear contract. I’d like to highlight a new customer in the retail vertical, one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world signed a seven-figure multiyear deal in Q3 and recently launched our Conversational Cloud to enhance the sales experience. They also bring voice intelligence and AI technology to support LivePerson’s upcoming voice capabilities within our world-class conversational cloud.

We intend to capture as much of the market as possible as we accelerate our investments into adding more people, capabilities to our platform and opening new markets. Our adjusted EBITDA of $6.9 million and 5.8% margin was also in the upper half of our guidance range and reflects planned investments in the business. Tech investments are handled through the Downtown Project’s tech investment arm, VegasTechFund, in which Mossler holds the title of Limited Partner. And so it has a little bit lower margin in it for some of the testing revenue that’s in there and the software revenue because we are just starting investment. Yes. So, we built a technology platform, so there is a lot of investment that went into the technology platform. Tenfold is a leading enterprise-grade customer experience integration platform, enabling enterprises to modernize customer experience tools without having to replace legacy back-end systems. By unifying it with LivePerson’s Conversational AI, we expect to give brands unparalleled visibility into customer intent, sentiment, frustrations and successes for a much wider set of conversations across both messaging and voice channel as well as traditional third-party contacts in our systems. First, that make it possible for brands to have complete visibility and talents across conversations, the messaging and voice and deliver them with AI and automation.

How does he make it work when so many of us try to outsource and wrestle with issues? This will provide MPower flexibility for brands to work with any voice vendor and complement live versus messaging by enhancing agent experience and productivity. Connecting messaging and voice data insights makes the need to improve customer experience and cover sales opportunities and understand agent productivity and utilization. With Andrew’s technology strength and focus on scaling operations and innovation, we’re confident that we’re the right team to capture the go-to-market and innovation opportunities ahead of us. At LivePerson, we have both the flexibility and AI expertise to quickly capture the massive opportunity here. Built to reinvent business for the connected world, DMI has expertise in enterprise-strength web and app development, IoT, digital commerce, analytics, brand and marketing, artificial intelligence and secure device and app management. In this day and age, contact center agents are mostly used because the brand does not have an interface or API between a legacy back-end system and the consumer intent.

Beyond legacy integrations with Tenfold, LivePerson’s messaging will be available to agents embedded in their CRMs with legacy voice agent desktops or even in the brand’s proprietary contact center systems. Now in 2020, Rob is a leading voice on reforming the future of work, helping cultivate innovative new systems that support the needs of Live Person’s global staff, and challenging the reliance on physical office spaces. We have always believed that our business is about customer experience, driving deeper engagement with our clients, helping our clients grow and find net new customers and helping keep their customers safe via fraud prevention and detection. All told, we expect VoiceBase and Tenfold to accelerate our strategy in helping brands create high-quality engagements with their customer conversations in every channel, including voice. The company also introduced more effective ways to measure how brands are meeting their goals for conversational experiences. With spreading variance in the buy administration vaccine and testing mandate, testing is becoming an even more routine part of daily life. Okay. Got it. And Rob, maybe just one for you, given all the traction that you are seeing in healthcare and the COVID-19 rapid testing market, can you maybe just explain to us what the role LivePerson is playing in that at-home COVID-19 test?