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On top of that, most data processing SaaS supports CSV out of the box; this makes Dataclip incredibly useful. Once you have a sharable link to CSV, you easily import it to other SaaS such as Google Sheets. We have a browser that people want – Edge – as a replacement for IE. I was once again a guest at’s “My JavaScript story” podcast and Charles Max Wood grilled me on Edge moving to Chromium, how I got into programing, blogging and what products I was happy to have contributed to. Conversely, those with problem-avoidance behavior have been shown to have an increased risk of developing PTSD. To do so, you can use the psql command as shown in the example in Step 4. Alternatively, connect to your database via a tool like pgAdmin. Though, I would argue that using a database tool like TablePlus or pgAdmin would be much more convenient.

Everyone knows that coffee contains caffeine, which can help you wake up in the morning or stay awake when you feel like sleeping. Like regular cash, Bitcoin is good for transactions of all kinds, and notably, it also allows for anonymity; no one can trace a purchase, illegal or otherwise. In Yahoo, I was super excited to work with people like Douglas Crockford and he was one of my first code reviewers in the company, which is scary, but turned out he was actually quite okay with what I’ve been writing. ’s like git log –name-status only less typing, and with file modes in your face. TIL: git log at last applies the .mailmap rewrites previously only applied by shortlog. 2 or git diff-tree –cc hash. 3. In the same working directory with latest.dump, run the following command to import your downloaded database dump to your Railway Postgres. One thing that I miss about Heroku Postgres is its ability to share query results with Dataclips.

This is easily one of the push factors that made me decide to migrate to Railway Postgres. Besides using Railway as my PostgreSQL database server for my projects, I am also using it to host my own umami analytics site in combination with Vercel. 1. Installed postgresql locally on your machine. An HRV installed correctly should be virtually unnoticeable to the homeowner. We’re actually up to date and bring in lots of enterprise customers to the new web that way. I worked for lots of agencies that created large websites. Worked there on Firefox, Firefox OS and a few other things and the MDN docs. Each player has their own plastic Easter egg (a different color for each, just to keep things straight.) The first person in line places their egg on the ground and grabs the team hose or water bottle. Having clean water available is also helpful when cooking meals over the campfire. TIL: The origin story of Hamcrest (an anagram of “matchers”): Folks wanted to use jMock2’s Matchers in production code, but felt weird having to pull in a test-centric lib as part of their prod code.

Having this said, I am still more than happy to make this tradeoff. But while we’ve seen big improvements in mobile designs and capabilities, there are still some types of software that work best on a full PC. So we thought, okay, if this is an open source project and it’s the de facto web, there should be more than one big player in there. So, personally for me as an open source person and open web person, I find it sad that we have one engine less, but I find it much more interesting for the future of the web that the engine that the web runs on is not owned by and mostly contributed to by one company. They have a Discord community where you can easily get help from. So we thought, why not actually shift to Chromium, where we can be on all the Windows versions, on Mac and everywhere else where the Chromium engine runs. But we realized that the browser is basically much more than the rendering engine. Yes, we do. The thing is, it comes bundled with the Chromium engine. The point is, there’s a very commonly accepted usage where we mean “it is hoped” when we say “hopefully.” So when the Associated Press decided in 2012 that it would begin accepting “hopefully” in such a manner, anarchy reigned.