The Fight Against Zendesk

Zendesk Chat is a simple and straightforward chat solution for leaders in the customer support industry. Real-time customer support is being recognized by companies all around the world. Sunny has extensive Marketing experience across SaaS, Telecommunications and Technology sectors within companies such as Vodafone, Reed Elsevier, Calor Gas and SapientNitro. From a technology standpoint, our investments were pointed toward innovation and operational excellence. Our added engineering capacity allowed us to launch maven, our groundbreaking patent pending AI engine, which promises to scale messaging with even more efficiency and maintain — if not extend what we estimate is a 12 to 18 months technology lead. These include partners that augment the data used in our rules engine, provide complementary services, such as translation and virtual agents, and partners that expand our reach to social and mobile channels. We also sought to capitalize by building a demand generation engine, capable of tapping into the rapidly growing market of conversational commerce. Thanks, Rob. The momentum he discussed is tangible as evidenced by the 16-point swing in our revenue growth rate year-over-year and is building as illustrated by the continued acceleration of key performance predictors across our business.

Excluding the benefit of upsells, our revenue renewal rate across our B2B segment was approximately 90%. And our enterprise base, having even higher revenue middle rate in the mid-’90s, which we think is the best-in-class measure. To that end, our revenue retention rate for enterprise and mid-market customers exceeded 110% in 2018, on the back of an expanding ARPU, combined with multi-year low attrition. Coming back on those results, our total B2B revenues grew 15% in the quarter, and 14% for the year. In our consumer segment, continued its trend to four straight double-digit growth quarters, posting a 12% increase for the year. To summarize, 2018 was an incredible year for LivePerson, characterized by 16% full year-over-year increase in our revenue growth rate, record contract signing, multiyear loan revenue attrition and accelerating messaging in AI adoptions. That’s illustrated by a 20-point increase in our most recent Net Promoter Score survey.

These investments contributed to a 50% increase in new customer wins in 2018. These wins allowed us to penetrate deeper into target verticals and geographies as illustrated by new relationships for us with five in the largest financial institutions in the world, two of the largest telcos, Delta Airlines, the top five global apparel retailers, and one of the leading online travel agencies. I will now hand the call over to Chris, who would do a deeper dive on our overall financial outlook. Sign up now. ; The use of the Service(s) is subject to the . Holly Carroll, Vice President, Customer Service & Contact Center Operations at David’s Bridal. If a customer has used the service before or is registered with the site, they can look at previous chat histories. This standard aligns the accounting for implementation costs incurred in a hosting arrangement that is a service contract with the accounting for implementation costs incurred to develop or obtain internal-use software under Accounting Standards Codification (“ASC”) 350-40, in order to determine which costs to capitalize and recognize as an asset.

Another customer deployed the largest WhatsApp for business implementation globally by volume, our live engage. And this is important to our business model because each endpoint brings new cross-selling opportunities to our expansive customer base. When we are steadily building momentum, this new customer we work alongside our partner IBM to deploy messaging bots to its more than 40 million consumers. If you’re building your own widget and you need to interact with the Agent App, be sure to use the Agent App SDK. Now that the moment is here, we need to fully capitalize on these tailwinds by building out our sales capacity, to ensure that we can showcase our leadership as each brand prepares to make their purchased decision. Whether you’re choosing a chatbot platform independently or an agency for chatbot development services, you ultimately need to look at all the pros and cons, your use case(s), carry out additional research, and then make a decision.