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Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe. I fundamentally believe, like he does — I don’t want to make a comment on Facebook or Zuckerberg. Like we’re always doing that we have leadership coaching involved now with helping us and so that’s been, it’s been a lot. Moser: Yeah, I think a lot of people would agree with the sentiments that you just laid out for us there. Most people think about analytics as being about periodic queries such as querying my data warehouse to get a snapshot of my business. I think it’s important, especially being a technology leader, to read a book like this. If you read either of the last two annual reports, they issued a separate report earlier this year about all the ways they’ve changed the culture, some internal changes they’ve made. They competed with each other, they were ruthless in many ways. They were ruthless competitors, but they were always working toward building these great companies, but it wasn’t at the expense of society in many ways. I would like to contribute by creating Greek subtitles so that I can easily make a public Screening at Greeklug and make possible for other people in my country to watch it.I’ ll start working as soon a I put a team together and I’ll post it at the wiki when is done.

Company Description: LivePerson makes life easier by transforming how people communicate with brands. Eligible employees receive healthcare coverage and a variety of retirement options with company matching. Right. No. 2, it’s not like Tim Sloan was brought in from the outside to fix the problems. I was going to maybe cut him a little slack, saying, “Maybe he’s coming in and helping clean up a culture that obviously was out of whack.” But the fact remains, you’re right, he wasn’t hired from the outside. I know at The Motley Fool, sometimes I get assigned a project that turns out taking twice as long as my boss intended it to, and they wind up giving me a little bonus for it. I know you’re a busy guy. I don’t know how we got here, but it’s become a place where there needs to be a new voice. Man, I tell you, we’ve got some overcast weather up here, but it seems like spring is just around the corner. So maybe it was something like that. This is why politicians like Elizabeth Warren think he should be fired. Moser: I think you make a good point there. You can make calls through your office phone, cell phone, or even right through the computer with the software.

LoCascio: I’m reading a couple right now. Frankel: There’s actually a couple of different questions contained in that tweet. Matt Frankel: Just great. Frankel: I’m going to argue for and against this. Rob, are you going to jump in there as well? He was already there. There are things going on that just aren’t good for our overall business. Well, when I went in there. The second was this database sprawl where you saw the influx of DB2, Couchbase went public, and the other 300. The next generation of databases is the consolidation of these data platforms and types into a database that can handle modern data, and do it in a hybrid, multi-cloud manner with extremely low latency. Like I said, he’s still on the low end of the pay scale for bank CEOs. It looks like Mr. Sloan got a little bit of a raise for 2018. I guess the question that’s on everybody’s mind right now is, Did he really deserve it? I just Googled him right now.

And we’re just the lucky ones who actually struggled, right? These days, patrons who once would have called a librarian to check on a citation or look up an item in the library catalog are probably using the library’s Web site to get their answers. Not just when something happens, but for it to be a part of who we are and put our money where our mouth is. To put it in context, Sloan is still actually one of the lower-paid bank CEOs, even with this raise. First of all, just to put everything in context, his total compensation went up to $18.4 million, which is a million more than last year. Last quarter, we had converted approximately 40% of those contracts. We were reading through an article last week about Wells Fargo’s CEO, Tim Sloan. Wells Fargo is not allowed to grow. Tim Sloan was the president and COO of Wells Fargo while all these scandals were going on. His stock-based compensation actually went down, which makes sense, because Wells Fargo’s stock has done so terribly. If it does, you’ll need to export those domains too and import them into the target environment before importing the bot, keeping the domain names identical.