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One component of services like YouTube or Twitch that I did want is integrated chat. Now do you want to just quickly remind people who you are; what you do. “Carroll invented Nyctography because he was often awakened during the night with thoughts that needed to be written down immediately, and didn’t want to go through the lengthy process of lighting a lamp just to have to extinguish it shortly thereafter. With a row limit of 10,000 and a storage capacity of 1 GB, I thought that it would last me for at least a year – it didn’t. In forks, bandwidth and storage usage count against the root of the repository network. The dashboard also provides CPU, memory, and network metrics on your database usage; which is unavailable on Heroku’s free tier. Mastodon – Open source decentralized microblogging network. If you didn’t remove every rock or object form under it, you’d find yourself with bruises and broken bones.

The gift of gold to the Christ Child is supposed to have come from Melchior, a king from Arabia, who, legend has it, was one of the Three Wise Men. Thanks to security protocol and The Federal Accountability Act of 2006, the prime minister can’t accept gift cards, money, or homemade presents (anything else is usually dismantled or broken during security screening. You’ve saved your money, bought your sunscreen and practiced up on your shuffleboard. Life is a long journey, filled with many types of people and challenges. Next, we’ll look at the potential problems unique to specific types of password management approaches. Use the same password everywhere. On the same note, if you had told me the same rules were all nonsense I would’ve been equally convinced. 3. In the same working directory with latest.dump, run the following command to import your downloaded database dump to your Railway Postgres. Besides using Railway as my PostgreSQL database server for my projects, I am also using it to host my own umami analytics site in combination with Vercel. Though, I would argue that using a database tool like TablePlus or pgAdmin would be much more convenient. Step 10: Using a foam cutter or a serrated knife, cut the foam ball in half.

Now, I’ll either have to generate my CSV on another server or pray that the SaaS that I’m using has PostgreSQL integration (hint: most don’t). Consider using the type of bright-light machine used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during your waking hours. Part of my job is to help this transition and demonstrate how tech (if used properly) can save countless hours each week and provide more time to think, relax and enhance your life. The constant interruptions hinder your ability to focus and actually take time to think about the future of your company (and your life). One thing that I miss about Heroku Postgres is its ability to share query results with Dataclips. Java-compatible web browsers with the ability of voice chat with the microphone, although it was already available for use in its HTML servers. TIL: github has pretty nice web preview for CSV files. TIL: VSCode’s GitLens has a “heat map” feature that shows Edit Wear in your editor. The latter issue was addressed by teaching Mercurial’s annotate/blame feature to skip revisions. Blown away with the new ECG feature and encouraged to see future medical integrations – it’s like we’re finally living in the era of The Jetsons!

Technology keeps us informed and in touch like never before. This early type of technology gives the appearance that still objects are moving. These days, there are still dairymen, but the physical and dangerous parts of the job can be automated. TIL: git blame since v2.23 can ignore a list of commits. TIL: Lewis Carroll found a workaround for burning the midnight oil. TIL: The origin story of Hamcrest (an anagram of “matchers”): Folks wanted to use jMock2’s Matchers in production code, but felt weird having to pull in a test-centric lib as part of their prod code. Hello everybody. And welcome to another episode of my JavaScript story. I was once again a guest at’s “My JavaScript story” podcast and Charles Max Wood grilled me on Edge moving to Chromium, how I got into programing, blogging and what products I was happy to have contributed to. TIL: I could have just aimed core.hooksPath to a shared hook folder, rather than linking-in my prepare-commit-message hook script to many folders. TIL: github now supports multiple issue & pr templates.