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Travelbird integrated Digital Genius into their Zendesk account so that it might handle repetitive customer inquiries. Essentially, Digital Genius offers a chatbot that allows for greater user input, a service they call “Co-Pilot.” Digital Genius primarily integrates with Salesforce and Zendesk. The chatbot is integrated into the bank’s messaging system to learn more about the customers and provide more in-depth responses about account information and transactions. Far from simply pointing out the most obvious ways the current system is broken, they actually give very good evidence that software is not just another technology. Hoegger obtained his Master’s degree in Information Technology from De Montfort University. We also signed an agreement in Q2 with ConsenSys, a leading blockchain technology company to provide conversational AI support for its blockchain and crypto communities. Adoption of cloud-native databases will pick up particularly among enterprises in the e-commerce and finance sectors, which must support a massive number of customer transactions and rapidly expanding data volumes while having to create new apps in order to deliver new services. Digital Genius adds that Travelbird reduced the number of times human agents needed to assess the customer inquiry and type out a response to it. In effect, Digital Genius says the business’ human customer support agents are in part responsible for training the machine learning algorithms behind the chatbot.

At a 98-percent confidence interval, the chatbot may automatically send the customer the response. On the other hand, if a customer asks, “Can I bring my puppy on the flight,” the chatbot may generate the response, “Yes, you can bring pets on board in economy and business class” with a 98-percent confidence interval. The company did not detail the AI process that enables the application to respond to queries, but since the chatbot likely uses NLP, we can infer that the application filters its dataset for patterns and is able to extract meaning from the user’s query by identifying the keywords in the question. According to Digital Genius, if the chatbot’s generated response falls above a certain confidence interval of accuracy, provided as a percentage, then the system can be set to automatically send the customer that response. In the seat availability example, the system determined that there was a 25-percent chance that the customer’s seat was already taken. The clients may ask about the details of their bank accounts and finances, and Clare claims its chatbot then accesses the bank’s system to provide responses to the customer’s query. Due to the high frequency of use, Digital Genius claims that the chatbot was generating responses with confidence intervals above 95 percent.

In other words, the software generates responses to customer questions from past human responses to those questions. Digital Genius claims their software automatically pulls possible responses to frequent customer inquiries based on a business’ historical record of customer-agent conversations. Digital Genius offers a software which they claim can help businesses such as travel agencies both automate their repetitive customer support inquiries and assist human agents with answering customer questions using NLP. The Digital Genius chatbot can then automatically send that generated response to the customer, or it can also be set to wait to send the response until it receives human approval. I’d argue that there isn’t another company out there that can quantify as much demand being generated from conversational commerce. Travelbird agents, therefore, found themselves using those generated responses-also called, macros-200 percent more often than before they integrated the chatbot into their service protocol. The chatbot may also provide users with guidelines for more prudent spending and financial management. To the extent permitted by applicable law, a charge may apply before we provide you with a copy of any of your personal information that we maintain.

For example, if a customer asks, “Is the seat next to me still empty,” the chatbot may present the response, “The seat next to you is still available” with a 75-percent confidence interval. As seen in the video below, users can use the chatbot by typing their queries. In addition, you can use the Visit API to add custom variables to existing, monitored website visits. When you visit that website and open the file it will automatically sync to your iPhone. Additionally, Digital Genius claims its chatbot will transfer the customer to a live service agent (on the user business’ staff) if it cannot interpret the customer’s response. This could potentially minimize future errors as each time the human agent approves or disapproves of a response, the chatbot will take that decision into consideration when it offers its next response. Then, the chatbot searches for these keywords in its database and the user’s accounts, if necessary, to respond to the query. The more the user uses Clare’s chatbot, the better it learns about the user’s spending habits, and the better it can tailor its financial management advice. It can also take in questions and respond in English. Investing in a web designing company can be expensive and tiresome, searching for companies for their services.