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By scoring interactions automatically, businesses can efficiently identify issues across large volumes of inquiries, determine the best order in which to address them, and confidently act on objective information that is relatively free of human bias. Colour Skins And to make working with our web hosting control panel even more pleasant you can choose the colour theme that suits you best. In our post-pandemic city, that must change, and we are committed to help make that happen. In hybrid environments and cloud environments, metadata can be used to help better manage “paradigm swings,” improve the organization’s data resilience, and reduce egress charges by targeting specific files. ID Protection We offer an additional service for all TLDs that support this feature to protect your personal data becoming public in the WHOIS record. This is used in addition or instead of the Registrar Lock for further protection. SPF Protection The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) prevents forging of the “FROM” field and thus it protects your domain names from being used for spamming. EPP Transfer Protection Some TLDs require this specific EPP transfer authorization key to process domain transfers. Every domain name that is registered with us is automatically to point to your account with us so no further configuration is required.Domain name transfer is the process of changing the company that provides the domain registration service without a change in ownership.

FTP Manager The web hosting control panel provides you with an FTP Manager that you can use to create FTP accounts with different level of access for each one as well as change the password or delete existing accounts. FTP Accounts The FTP account allows you to establish an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection to the server for faster and easier uploading. Free VPN Access (5 GB) Access blocked websites or use country-restricted services by routing your Internet traffic through a secure connection using multiple access points around the world. Online Website Builder With all of our shared hosting packages you will get a free online website builder that does not require any design skills or experience since it includes multiple templates and makes website creation a breeze. Dropbox/ Google Drive Backups If you have a Dropbox or a Google Drive account, our system can generate daily backups of your files and databases in it, so you will have a copy of your content at all times and you can access it through a personal computer or a mobile device. I mean, I can certainly understand it, based on your description of how the company makes its money.

Shared SSL IPs Our custom cloud hosting platform will allow you to use a shared IP address for SSL certificates, so you can protect the information that customers submit on your website without spending extra money for an IP. Advanced File Manager The web hosting control panel is equipped with an advanced file manager that will allow you to easily create, delete, move and rename files and folders. Custom MIME Types This is another feature for advanced webmasters that allows them to determine how browsers will treat various files and file types. By selecting this, when you click on the “SF Full View” option within the widget, the Service Console will open with the record’s tab. The SRV record (also known as Service record) is used for defining the location of servers for specified services – the hostname and the port number. Custom MX Records The ability to change the MX records of the domain name or simply add more MX records with different priority allows you to control who is handling your mail service. It has many other useful features like the ability to work with drag&drop operations. They seamlessly integrate voice, messaging and back-end systems to deliver a unified agent experience, and they generally expand our AI platform’s ability to deliver personalization at scale.

We trained 600 messaging agents during the pandemic to support the brand, saving the retailer an estimated $100 million in expenses. Email Accounts The mailboxes you create with us support POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols that allow you to use mail client applications such as Outlook and Thunderbird to access and manage your e-mail. Free Apps Installer The Elefante Application Installer is included with all our shared hosting packages and it gives you access to install over 40 applications – you can have a blog, a forum or a shopping cart set up within minutes with just a few clicks and no technical skills. Webmail You can choose from the three webmail applications we offer to access and manage your e-mail from any computer in the world that is connected to the Internet without any setup or configuration. This setup will boost the speed of your websites even more. Free Account Set-up Not only your account is set up instantly but we also do not charge you any setup fees – you can simply start working on your websites. FREE Domain Name If you purchase one of our packages, there is a bonus – one free domain name registration or transfer from the list of promotional domains.