Live Chat Solutions Awards: Ten Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It

Like other live chat solutions, LiveChat claims to increase customer satisfaction and sales by reducing the number of customer emails and calls. LiveChat Software owns the technology it uses in the product, however in areas unrelated directly to chat, the company relies on 3rd party services. VisitorTrack then uses intent data which is fully integrated to pinpoint the companies already in-market for your products – before they have visited the website. These profiles then describe not only who your customers are, but also exactly how they are using your product. To save you the trouble of designing, say, the header and footer every time from scratch, we asked our Product team to create Clone blocks. Last but not least, Tawk’s canned messages save time and improve productivity. SalesIQ is also oriented towards international and progressive teams, and enables 24/7 support, with custom messages in a variety of languages. Magestore POS is a centralized retail solution for Magento that enables online retailers to sell on multiple channels while keeping all the data in one location. For instance, if one of your segments is 25-35 year old fashionistas who enjoy “Refreshing” their wardrobe and euphemizing overspending on shopping, then you’d be assigning them over to me because I know this audience very well (heh).

So, whenever you have items on offer, you know what they say: never launch an offer without a deadline. But tell them that the offer expires in 30 minutes or 3 hours (and make it so) and you’ll see how many will decide on the spot. Only this way will you be able to create a hub of engaged users who take action upon notice. It helps you learn, it changes the way you write, but you get to create the text you love and then change things according to the SEO-optimization guidelines. One way to grow and have your users’ help is to reward spreading the word with early access premium or exclusive benefits, personalized gifts – as long as they share your content on Facebook, or post content using your hashtag, or tag their friends. Which means, if your email is not mobile-friendly, a big chunk of your subscribers are not going to be able to read your content. If this is going to be a big problem for you, you may opt for systems with more flexible workflow automation options or applications built for configurability.

To give your customers/users what they need before they need to ask for it, heck, before they realize they need it, is what is going to get you loyal customers. How does one get from your Website to your Instagram account or your Product Hunt profile? An excellent example of this is @jenatkin’s @ouai hairstyling product collection: their entire R&D process goes through their Instagram accounts. If you are a virtual phone number service and you need to build a community on product hunt, do take the time to come up with an outstanding section on your web design. For example, instead of asking seven questions on one giant form, split those questions up into three stages, and ask for an email and phone number on the last stage. Create three different segments and introduce each of them to a buyer persona with the same features. Say you have identified three main customer behaviors on your eshop/website. I shouldn’t have to say that mobile responsiveness should be a top priority for your developers and designers. They are essentially a map of all the “hot” clicks occurring on your website: are your users more likely to scroll down the page or do they click on the top of the page onyour top CTA?

Do you want to use a set framework or would you prefer to gradually add more functionality to your website? There’s a big difference between the two, and these questions can help you figure out which it is, and whether or not consumers actually want to stick with you. Prepare questions to ask during the stream, keep an eye on the chat so you can acknowledge commenters, or even create polls for your viewers to vote on. They can choose anything they like, and even when the lights go out (tip: set the website background to turn black as the night falls) they can still browse on your eshop. Meet us halfway (cc Black Eyed Peas) and make us coffee, show us around the premises, share the backstory with us (how did the brand start? Why? Where? When? By whom? Photos or it didn’t happen), and sprinkle every one of these purchasing instances with a call to action. Did you show us your first logo? By upvoting or double-tapping a post as soon as it’s uploaded, you show the algorithms that your content is highly appreciated. Lead them to a landing page that customizes its content based on the user’s preferences/buying history and welcome them to their “An Entire Store to Myself” moment.