Live Chat Software: Is not That Tough As You Think

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If you eat more than you intend to now and then, you can always bring your calorie scale back into balance by adding some extra physical activity. The more you know about your customers and their past history with you, the better service you can offer. A typical support agent can handle two or three concurrent chats without losing service quality, but that depends heavily on the type of questions they are answering and the levels of experience of both customer and agent. A customer who receives an excellent response to their email enquiry in an hour or two may be satisfied with your service, but a customer who receives the exact same answer in real-time via a live chat will often be much happier because they can continue on with their task immediately. Routing reduces the response time by connecting customers to the right team or agent instantly and getting the right solution. The customer or chat agent can instantly elevate the chat to a call to explain better. Build out self-service – A well-stocked, searchable knowledge base, with text and video, can save you and your customer a ton of time. Cut the fluff – you can usually leave those complex edge cases and historical explanations for the long-form knowledge base articles.

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Switch channels smoothly – if you need to move a chat to email or phone, do it gracefully. If you’re an email support pro, you might have learned to include all the relevant information at once to avoid long back-and-forth chains. What could be a days-long, back-and-forth conversation through email might instead be a 10-minute chat. Live chat is conversation, so back-and-forth discussion is a benefit! How will live chat integrate with your existing help desk or CRM? Good live chat software will let the agent know where the customer is in the process and what they were doing before asking for help. Are there pinch points in your app or sales funnel where having a real-time conversation can help people get unstuck and maintain their momentum? There have been many reports of rats jumping from a ship by the dozen before the crew is even aware that there’s a problem. If you’re responsible for setting up and managing the live chat support channel, there are some moves you can make to improve the experience for your staff and for your customers.