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As we enter new markets like Brazil and stuff like that, they have massive demand for these types of things. The next question is from Mike Latimore with Northland Capital Markets. And we had about six months of capital in the bank, but we went out and weren’t sure whether or not we were going to be able to do it. 5. BOWERY CAPITALBOWERY CAPITALBOWERY CAPITAL Pre-SalesTools Overview 5Follow Us On Twitter & LinkedIn TO Suggest Changes / Additions! Especially from an enterprise customer standpoint, we’re driving a significant amount of volume for all those endpoints. Yes. I mean, Instagram is going to drive a fair amount of volume because, obviously, there’s a lot of engagement and commerce going on. I guess in terms of your approach to real estate, I mean, can you kind of dig into that now that you’ve gone through these office lease terminations? Can you explain why it was so resonant with you?

And in terms of whether that can be accelerated, I think we’ll have to wait for the 4Q call. Do you have that for this quarter? Yes. So that productivity number was really a function of time, meaning we expected 80% of our sales force to be ramped by the end of the second quarter. And there is many other businesses launching during that time, and the ones that aren’t going to make it go away. Our businesses are committed to maintaining a strong presence in New York, but currently only about 10% of our colleagues are in the office and prospects for the future of a dense urban workplace are uncertain. I mean they’re all in, and many brands are following that. Conversation Builder provides a dramatically faster way for brands to create conversational AI. We hired about 90 people in the quarter, and some of them we’ve never met, but we have a way to bring them on, and they’re excited to be here. The Company does not expect to early adopt ASU 2015-02, which will be effective for our fiscal year ending December 31, 2016. The Company does not believe the standard will have a material impact on its financial statements.

So the migration will require some investment. So it’s — we’re just because we went early at this and we have a big vision of it and we were able to put — now it’s a couple of hundred million dollars worth of investment into the tech stack, we really just really far ahead of everybody. We have a small group right now. By taking a deposition of Small, those companies make a last-ditch effort to maybe find a way to prove that Small does at least some business in the Chicago area. “With the global health crisis impacting companies around the world, our clients are relying on digital customer service channels more than ever. Further, it has allowed customer service associates to triple the number of customers handled concurrently. Cost of revenue consists of compensation costs relating to employees who provide customer service to our customers, compensation costs relating to our network support staff, outside labor provider costs, the cost of supporting our server and network infrastructure, and allocated occupancy costs and related overhead.

Brands using Conversational Cloud gain the innovative tools and deepened understanding of consumers they need to build intent-driven conversational experiences based on consumer intent, greatly improving customer satisfaction and brand efficiency. 71% of consumers say they’d be more likely to do business with a company that allows them to message rather than call. Sure. So first, I would say that we do intend to continue to expand margins going forward. So there’s no point in even thinking about going back. Or could growth go even faster than 25% based on what you’re seeing in the pipelines and the retention from your lines? Just wondering how you’re seeing kind of this new social channels progress and how you’re thinking about that opportunity now? So I think it’s a great opportunity. That’s what makes the opportunity so excited. And those 3 new customer big deals that are done in the quarter and the new logos that you’re winning, who are you competing against most often?