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Thirty to forty percent of visitors who engage in proactive chat will purchase. Other Facebook acquisitions of note between the time of our last report and this one include the 2013 acquisition of Atlas, the advertising technology suite owned by Microsoft, and the 2014 purchase of WhatsApp, the world s most popular free messaging app. Two cable operators, Comcast and Cox, and two telecommunications companies, Verizon and AT&T, have embarked on a range of acquisitions intended to diversify revenue sources. This activity on its own does not qualify Facebook for treatment as an integrated firm because these acquisitions are all extensions of its publisher role. In this respect Microsoft s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, intersecting it with Salesforce and Workday, points up a role for the internet in business life as large as social media s role in personal life. Firms that can build on long and strong historical relationships with large enterprises can pioneer cloudbased business markets for their clients. 92 for more than a million web sites and hundreds of thousands of applications that use the Facebook Connect platform, it has had to build storage infrastructure in four very large data centers and has two more under construction.

Each acquired content sites with the goal of increasing the time that consumers spent inside their portal because it catered to their wants and needs. 7.1 Content Marketers Integrating Vertically into Transmission The integration path from content to transmission is most clearly seen in the recent actions of Facebook and Google. We see two main groupings: content marketers integrating into transmission, and transmission companies acquiring content, and a third, the more idiosyncratic integrations of Microsoft and Amazon. The larger it gets, the more strongly it competes, likely because its technology investments yield higher returns than those of competitors. The significance of firms like Microsoft to the growth of the internet lies perhaps in the path they point to for enterprise information technology integration. 7.4 Integration Conclusions Google, Facebook, and Amazon provide platform services to clients, mainly retailers, publishers, or advertisers, which in some instances limit access and control over client firms applications, content, and media when they run on their services.

107 Google has had a longer history of expansion into transmission, starting with a bid on wireless spectrum in It created the Access 108 division of Alphabet in 2015 to house initiatives such as the manufacturing of a $200 home router, a project to partner with an Indian public broadband provider known as Rail-Tel, and fiber installations in Kenya and Ghana. The largest venture is known as Google Fiber, providing broadband internet and cable television access in eight U.S. Spring Health is a New York, New York-based, privately held company that is ‚Äúrevolutionizing the mental health industry‚ÄĚ by providing employers with comprehensive solutions. Murphy previously served as CFO and COO for the HR SaaS company, Namely, and spent nearly seven years as CFO for the publicly-traded software company LivePerson. By the end of 2015, after two years integrated with Facebook, the Instagram user base reached 500 million. There are more than 500 retailers selling online in the USA, and although offline sales are 92 percent of all U.S. To solve the recurring complaint among sales teams that they lack enough good leads, some companies assign marketing qualified lead targets or ask them to produce qualified leads by territory to ensure even distribution of lead generation.

7.3 Integrating Vertically into Cloud Transmission and Data Services Microsoft s multiple revenue and employment groupings would have been more difficult to classify than perhaps any other firm in our universe had we not created an Integrated Firms layer, and even with this layer its pattern of diversification is relatively sui generis. 7.2 Transmission Providers Integrating Vertically into Content There have been some vigorous moves by cable operators and phone carriers into areas of content. AT&T s acquisition of DirecTV, satellite infrastructure provider, is not per se a step on the path to integration, but if its offer to acquire Time Warner is successful it will have made one of the largest moves to tie infrastructure to content. The most successful of the portals was, for a while, America Online, and its brief merger with Time Warner was undertaken in 2000 in the expectation that this vertical integration would deliver users an improved experience where they would find engaging content and tools under one roof. Amazon s integration has been from the consumer service layer to the consumer services support and soft infrastructure layers.