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Most businesses have taken heed, and are using some form of text or chat to reply to leads. In all instances, members are solely responsible for any tax liability from your usage of BeFrugal. BeFrugal members are not permitted to use any paid promotional method for soliciting Cash Back sales through their BeFrugal account or to earn referral bonuses. Depending on the tax laws in your city, state or country, members may be taxed on referral bonuses and prizes earned through BeFrugal. Any member in violation of this policy will have their account banned and will forfeit all Cash Back and referral bonus earnings. Cash Back payments will be sent to members on average within 1 business day of payment request. BeFrugal members who elect to receive their payment via a eGift Card will get a cash bonus added to their payment request. For lost checks, please contact us to request a stop payment. We will waive the stop-payment fee for the first lost check. For any re-issued check a stop payment fee will be incurred. Payment via direct deposit, check or non-Amazon eGift Card is available for members residing in the US only. Members will receive payment via Check, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Venmo, Zelle or eGift Card.

Members are responsible to keep their BeFrugal account information current. Snakes are individuals with different reactions. CSS – Style sheet language that specifies how HTML elements are displayed on screen. Antivirus solutions such as Kaspersky are using machine learning techniques to create predictive models for detecting viruses in enterprises. This server can be set up on a local area network by choosing any on the computer to be a server node, and using that computer’s private IP address as the server IP address. BeFrugal does not guarantee that while using BeFrugal and its Program and Applications the site will be free of errors or interruptions. BeFrugal may terminate the Program and Applications at any time with or without notice or reason. Also, BeFrugal assumes no liability or responsibility for any damages due to site errors, interruptions or inability to access BeFrugal Programs and Applications. Smartphones and tablets allow us to access the Internet from nearly anywhere, essentially letting us carry around the bulk of human knowledge in our pockets, or at least a tool to get to that knowledge. To the maximum extent permitted by law, BeFrugal disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, in regards to the Program and Applications.

Each member is eligible for a maximum of one Sign-Up Bonus. The reverse is also true, if a member received a Restaurant Bonus, they are not eligible to earn a Sign-Up Bonus. Note that if a member received a Sign Up bonus, they are not eligible to earn a Restaurant Bonus. To earn a Restaurant Bonus, a new member must submit their receipt via a BeFrugal extension during a promotional period and fulfill the terms as stated in the Bonuses table of the account. The details of the current Refer-a-Friend bonus terms can be found here. Members may earn multiple Refer-A-Friend Bonuses by referring multiple new members. BeFrugal reserves the right to withhold payment of Cash Back rewards for suspected fraud, abuse of retailers or BeFrugal website, use of email spam to promote referrals, or for creating multiple user profiles. If you feel your Cash Back rewards are being withheld in error, please contact us.

Any fraud or abuse relating to earning or receipt of Cash Back rewards, or any misrepresentation of information furnished to BeFrugal or its retailers partners by you or anyone acting on your behalf may result in the termination of your BeFrugal account and forfeiture of Cash Back rewards. Finding the right solution for your team may feel like a tough task, but as long as you’re thoughtful when considering your options, you’ll be on the right path. BeFrugal reserves the right to debit dormant accounts $2.00 per month for maintenance until the account balance reaches zero. Also, if you have not been charged a maintenance fee in the month due, you will not be charged retroactively. In instances when this international fee is charged on the PayPal transaction, it will be deducted from that member’s Cash Back balance. BeFrugal is responsible for maintaining and tracking member’s Cash Back and Bonuses. Cash Back earnings are calculated as the net sale amount (total sale adjusted for taxes, shipping and other fees) multiplied by the retailer’s Cash Back percentage amount noted on BeFrugal. The BeFrugal Program and Applications are provided with no guarantee regarding the quality or accuracy of advertisements for products provided by Affiliated Stores.