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It also was the year that social media started to blow up, as Facebook evolved from a networking site for college students into a way for people all over the world to communicate, get news and share cute cat videos. Basically, you receive a feed that’s constantly updated with new e-mails, posts from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, contacts and all of your other favorite aspects of the Web, too. Released in 1957, “Jingle Bell Rock” has been a favorite of recording artists for nearly 50 years. Just a few years ago, that would require you to save data to some form of removable data storage and transfer it physically to another machine. Integrated Bluetooth means sound data can be transferred immediately to a computer and stored with a patient’s medical file and shared online with specialists. So if you lose your phone, you won’t lose the vital data that’s on it.

GE’s GeoSpring hybrid is an advanced water heater that’s designed to provide homeowners with massive reductions in water heating bills. The company claims some users will see heating expenditures drop by more than 60 percent, which could save hundreds of dollars in a single year. The new Space Station configuration was named ‘Freedom’ by Reagan in June 1988.NASA’s first detailed cost assessment in February 1987 revealed the ‘Dual Keel’ Space Station would cost at least $14.5 billion in 1984 dollars, or $21 billion in current-year dollars. Without an APX radio, some first responders must carry more than one radio, or rely on information from dispatchers before proceeding with vital response activities. There are random soaps, bleaches, softeners and other chemicals that must be used at specific times to produce desired results. A single all-in-one sheet contains enough detergent, softener and anti-static chemicals for one load of laundry. But Purex introduced a new laundry concept with its 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets. Without fail, the box of dryer sheets winds up empty (and of course, there’s never a backup box) or the sheets themselves intertwine with your clothes, falling out at inopportune, public moments.

Dryer sheets can be a huge hassle, especially for busy families who use their dryers on a daily basis. If you use the wrong machine, you can mangle your crop badly or cut it off too high to get the piece you wanted. What essential piece of paper should you never operate farming equipment without? Early versions of this piece of equipment would drop seeds at the correct intervals. The farming industry has been automating slowly compared to some businesses, mainly thanks to the low cost of labor and the stupendous costs of the equipment that displaces certain types of workers. The radios are the first multi-band products to adhere to Project 25 standards, a set of rules set forth by the Telecommunications Industry Association in an effort to streamline public safety communications. Motorola. “Motorola Now Shipping APX Multi-band Two-Way Radios Offering Interoperability and Enhanced Solutions Critical to First Responders.” EMS Responder.

Now any player can download the game client and log in for free. Standout feature: KeyBank offers a checking account with zero monthly service fees and free overdraft protection. In fact, callers often aren’t aware that their call has been redirected to the answering service. In fact, some people might argue that we’re just now learning to ask the truly big questions. Only now are these machines becoming dextrous, smart and quick enough to replace people. Designing products like these is challenging enough from an engineering standpoint. They include awards for achievement, best products and ecologically-sustainable business ideas. The Edison Achievement Award goes to a business executive who stresses progress in product innovations, and the Green Award is presented to organizations that stress ecologically sound products. Each year, the Edison Awards honor select individuals and organizations for their contributions to product innovation and economic development. Some of the most recognizable winners of the 2009 Edison Awards include the Apple iPhone, Wii Fit and MacBook Air. Not many products win Edison Awards, so these prizes go only to individuals and companies with significant accomplishments.