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­Now you just have to fill up your bags with some treats — why not delight your girlfriends with some “candy corn” jewelry? Step 1: Trace and cut out Candy Land Treat Bag patterns from felt. Step 3: Tear newspaper into strips roughly 2X11 inches. Continue until the newspaper strips reach as high as you’d like your candy bowl to be. Place a newspaper strip on this area, and smooth down with more paste. Masking tape will still be attached to balloon — cut it away and smooth the ends down over the cardboard insert. Poke small holes in the foam with a toothpick, and insert the stems so the eyes protrude from the face. Delight each guest with a small Halloween bag of treats. Stick the legs through the holes and attach to the interior sides of the bowl using small pieces of electrical tape. Step 9: Place the felt circle in the bottom of the bowl to cover the cardboard and masking tape. Step 11: Bend the bump chenille stems into leg shapes. Step 1: Cut a two-bump section from a white bump stem. Step 4: Using a 1-inch paintbrush, apply a bit of papier-mache paste onto a large vertical section of the balloon.

Step 1: Using a ruler and rotary cutter or craft knife, cut patterned paper into 2-inch-wide strips. Step 2: Glue a cutout to the front of a gift bag. Pin a handle to either side of front panel at the top, and pin other handle to either side of back panel. Sew other 6-inch square to other side of 3X6-inch rectangles. Use the awl to poke 4 holes in each side of the bowl. Step 12: Download Spider Candy Bowl pattern and use it to cut an oval from white felt and a smaller oval from burgundy; glue in place for the spider’s mouth. Step 6: Once the first layer is dry, apply another layer of strips horizontally over the balloon, slightly overlapping each strip as before. Blow up the balloon, and set on the bowl to hold in place. This will be the bottom of the bowl. Leaving a thin first coat will give the appearance of old bones once the black background is painted. Practice making a few paint lines on disposable plate, then paint outlines of bones. Worms, however, do so by making copies of themselves as they spread. It’s only in the case of the females, however, since the males’ projections are more like stubby knobs than spikes.

There are a number of WiFi varieties out in the wild, including 802.11n, which is capable of up to 600 megabit per second data transfers. There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who, invited into the boss’s office out of the blue, cross their fingers they’re getting a raise; and those who, invited into the boss’s office out of the blue, start packing up their things. But don’t stop there. Combine 2 cups cold water and 1/2 cup flour in medium-size bowl. Add flour mixture to boiling water; stir constantly until mixture returns to a boil. Remove from heat; stir in 3 tablespoons sugar. Step 1: Cut two 6-inch squares and two 3X6-inch rectangles from orange felt. Repeat. (You need 5 squares per box. Step 4: Thread both ends of a 6-inch length of ribbon through the hole, and tie them in a knot under the box lid. Step 4: To create handles, fold black 8X1-inch pieces in half. Paint one half black. Step 2: Trace downloaded Jack-o’-lantern pattern onto black felt, and cut out.

Step 5: With embroidery floss, blanket stitch all edges of bag, using seams as guides. Using craft glue, create decorative edging at the top of the bag or write “Boo!” on the front. Trim top of bowl to desired size. Position and tape pattern facedown on top of glass plate. Match sides, and tape patterns together. Tape the cardboard circle to the top of the balloon (opposite the knot) with masking tape, running the tape in a spoke pattern across the top of the balloon. Snip 1/2-inch tabs all around pattern to fit pattern to plate. Step 1: Preheat oven to 265 degrees Fahrenheit (or temperature indicated by clay manufacturer). Step 2: Begin painting by tracing vines with dark green paint and fine-tip applicator. What kinds of people call Livelinks Phone Chatline? These courses will completely prepare you for the upcoming placement season as well as enhance your knowledge. Trainersoft’s tools were developed specifically to address the idea of creating courses using this infrastructure.