Heard Of The Inc Effect? Here It is

Secretary Chu announces that DOE has finalized a $1.2 billion loan guarantee to Mojave Solar LLC for the development of the Mojave Solar Project. Secretary Chu announces that DOE has finalized a $90.6 million loan guarantee to Cogentrix of Alamosa, LLC. The Department’s Western Area Power Administration announces an agreement with TransWest Express LLC to fund the TransWest Express Transmission (TWE) Project’s development phase. Ameren Energy Resources Company, LLC, announces that the Meredosia Energy Center in Meredosia, Illinois, will cease operating by the end of 2011. The center is the proposed site for the FutureGen 2.0 full-scale, oxy-combustion coal-fired plant for capture and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2). The work may lead to new ways to engineer plant oils as a renewable replacement for petrochemicals. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) releases a review report on NNSA new acquisition strategy proposed in March 2010 that includes consolidating the management and operating (M&O) contracts for two of its eight sites – the Y-12 National Security Complex in Tennessee and the Pantex Plant in Texas – and consolidating all construction projects for all of its sites under a single, enterprise-wide contract.

Supported through DOE’s Nuclear Energy University Programs, the projects selected cover two nuclear energy research fields: Integrated Research Projects and University Research Infrastructure Improvements. The mobile system consists of two moving van-sized trucks, each equipped with instrumentation and equipment. This discount ladders down after one year to 50% and 25% after two years – but after those two years, your pricing stays consistent at 25% off for qualifying businesses. Mailigen’s email marketing platform offers tiered pricing based on the number of email subscribers on your list. This platform offers several tiers for each service. When Is Zoom the Video-Conferencing Platform of Choice? Acting EIA Administrator Howard Gruenspecht. The Department’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) releases its annual International Energy Outlook 2011, with updated projections for world energy markets through 2035. Worldwide energy consumption grows by 53 percent between 2008 and 2035, with much of the increase driven by strong economic growth in the developing nations especially China and India. When complete, the 250MW solar generation project located in San Bernardino County, California, will increase the nation’s currently installed concentrating solar power capacity by approximately 50 percent.

Secretary Chu and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, hosting the first-ever joint Transportation and Energy Ministerial Conference held by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in San Francisco, announce that ministers from 21 economies in the Asia-Pacific region have agreed to continue progress on initiatives to make transportation in the region cleaner and more energy-efficient. The FBI, as part of a joint investigation with DOE’s Office of Inspector General, conducts a raid of the headquarters offices of Solyndra. Deputy Secretary Poneman, in response to an editorial on the Solyndra bankruptcy in USA Today stating that the federal government should not be “trying to pick winners among individual start-up companies,” issues an opposing view that appears in both the newspaper and on the Energy Blog. The Deputy Secretary says that a “perfect storm of deteriorating market conditions” sank Solyndra. The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations holds a hearing to discuss Solyndra Solar, the California-based solar manufacturer that declared bankruptcy earlier in the month.

Under Secretary for Science Steven Koonin participates in a conference on Inertial Fusion Science Applications in Bordeaux, France, and posts and article on the Energy Blog on DOE’s inertial fusion activities.. They will also be used to power military hybrid vehicles and for other industrial, agricultural, and military applications. Secretary Chu joins with Saft America to announce the grand opening of the company’s Jacksonville, Florida, factory, which will produce advanced lithium-ion batteries to power electric vehicles and other applications. The loan guarantee will support the Alamosa Solar Generating Project, a 30 megawatt (MW) High Concentration Photovoltaic power generation facility that will generate clean, emissions-free power. The Department announces next steps under the Asset Revitalization Initiative, a DOE-wide initiative to examine ways to work with local communities to support the reuse of DOE resources at former Cold War weapons sites around the country. Right now, there are a few different services that support Skype in their communication clients, such as Truphone, Nimbuzz, and fring, but this is the first standalone client.