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Stock analysis is the technique used by a trader or investor to examine and evaluate how Liveperson prices is reacting to, or reflecting on a current market direction and economic conditions. LivePerson signed four seven-figure deals and 105 deals in total in the second quarter, comprising 29 new and 76 existing customer contracts. For example there is a custom CRM integration widget that pulls up the record of the customer in an active conversation. And the numbers that you’re continuing to record clearly make sense. It also works among large numbers of people for very simple ends-ends so simple that many different people can completely agree on them. And I saw that the first day numbers are, it’s millions of dollars, millions of dollars they’ve sold using this technology, also doing video. So, I think that certainly bodes well for what you guys are doing. So, you know, people who are really looking at these are the smallest businesses, are looking at ways to build their businesses without somebody coming into a store, coming into a restaurant.

But listen, Rob, before we wrap up today, and I’ve really enjoyed this conversation by the way, I did want to take a moment — you know, recently we saw that Tony Hsieh passed away, and that was certainly tragic. And I know, I’ve seen on Twitter, you had a lot of kind words to say about Tony and what he meant to you in your entrepreneurial journey. So, literally I’m like — I booked — it was maybe two or three days later, I wasn’t going to, like, let any time slip, I got on a plane, I actually took two other people who worked with me, and we got on a plane and went there, and we spent the day with Tony and his team, and he graciously took me around. Our effective tax rate was 40% and 38% for the three months ended March 31, 2012 and 2011, respectively, resulting in a provision for income taxes of $2.1 million and $2.0 million for the three months ended March 31, 2012 and 2011, respectively.

And so, we launched this a few months ago and we’re seeing great success. LoCascio: Yeah, we launched another platform a few months ago called HeyExpert. So, they could do this with Zoom, but we built all the ways in which they can manage their business, they can take payment for that, they can schedule meetings, they can schedule one-on-ones, there’s a way in which they can bring other friends and experts onto the platform and build a community around an expertise. You don’t need an account to join Zoom meetings, but you must sign up for an account if you plan on hosting, scheduling, and managing your own calls. 7. If you would like to distribute third-party contents after receiving its distribution right, you must confirm the whereabouts of documents 1 to 4 from the copyright holder, and if any doubt arise, promptly(within 3 business days) submit documents verifying 1 to 4 to FC2.

And I remember we had lunch, and I got in the car to go to the airport, and he said, I just want to tell you something, if you want to really take this road of building a business based on culture, like we’re doing here, it’s a long-term commitment. And I saw something, I saw the possibilities of culture. And I said, Tony, I saw the CBS Morning and I run this company, and there’s a lot I don’t understand. And he said, you know, delivering happiness, even though we sell shoes, we’re delivering happiness. And he emailed me right back and said, come to Vegas, I’ll take you around for the day. For instance, last week or week before, we had a chef come online and they had a hundred people come and watch them cook. Like, a chef has a lot of value in the world, it just may not be in a restaurant they’re cooking for people, but cooking for them in their home virtually and getting them to cook the meal has as much value as cooking for them in a restaurant sometimes. And so, when you look at them, they’re so relieved, because you can’t get people into stores as much to buy jewelry, but now they’re selling it online.