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San Diego, CA — (SBWIRE) — 08/04/2014 — An investigation on behalf of investors of Brightcove Inc (NASDAQ:BCOV) shares over potential securities laws violations by Brightcove and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced. DOE initiated the second case against Maxlite, SK America, Inc. for failure to certify properly its general service fluorescent lamps. The external quantum efficiency for photocurrent, usually expressed as a percentage, is the number of electrons flowing per second in the external circuit of a solar cell divided by the number of photons per second of a specific energy (or wavelength) that enter the solar cell. In support of the plan, Secretary Chu announces the release of three solicitations, representing up to $50.5 million over 5 years, to develop breakthrough offshore wind energy technology and to reduce specific market barriers to its deployment. However, I would recommend that you do some market research before you launch a product. Richard G. Newell, Administrator of DOE’s Energy Information Administration, delivers presentations on The Long-term Outlook for Natural Gas, The Short-Term Oil Market Outlook, and The Long-Term Outlook for Oil and Other Liquid Fuels at the Saudi Arabia – U.S. Richard G. Newell, Administrator of DOE’s Energy Information Administration, delivers a presentation on the Annual Energy Outlook 2011 and an Update on EIA Activities at the National Governors Association, State Energy Working Group, meeting in Washington, DC.

Thomas D’Agostino, NNSA administrator, highlights the Obama Administration’s commitment to nuclear security in a keynote address to the third annual Nuclear Deterrence Summit. The annual symposium gathers leaders from key academic disciplines that support NNSA’s efforts to maintain the nuclear deterrent without underground nuclear testing. NNSA hosts the three-day 2011 Stewardship Science Academic Alliances Symposium at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC. As part of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s state visit to Washington, the U.S. Secretary Salazar also identifies four Wind Energy Areas offshore the mid-Atlantic as part of Interior’s ‘Smart from the Start’ approach announced in November 2010 that uses appropriate designated areas, coordinated environmental studies, large-scale planning, and expedited approval processes to speed offshore wind energy development. This approach improves module size and weight, ease of installation, and reduces mounting hardware. The plan focuses on overcoming three key challenges: the relatively high cost of offshore wind energy; technical challenges surrounding installation, operations, and grid interconnection; and the lack of site data and experience with project permitting processes.

A basic plan for 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails is just $10 per month. The plan will spur innovation by reforming tax and other incentives to retrofit, creating a new competitive grant program for states and localities that streamline their regulations to attract retrofit investment, and asking the private sector to invest in building upgrades through a new “Better Buildings Challenge.” The President has asked President Clinton, who has been a champion for this kind of energy innovation, to co-lead the private sector engagement along with the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, headed by Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric. The initiative aims to achieve a 20 percent improvement in energy efficiency by 2020, reduce companies’ and business owners’ energy bills by about $40 billion per year, and save energy by reforming outdated incentives and challenging the private sector to act. Among other changes, the rules will – for the first time – allow the Department to test products on its own initiative to determine whether they comply with DOE’s efficiency standards.

Overhauling the certification and enforcement process, the new rules are designed to encourage compliance and prevent manufacturers who break the law from gaining a competitive advantage over those that adhere to it. The site, with over 2 million visitors a month, includes a new energy education product, Today in Energy, published every weekday highlighting current issues, topics, and data trends in short articles written in plain language. In contrast, others provide translation services that support over 100 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, and Russian. The ON Line project, which is jointly owned by Great Basin Transmission South, LLC and NV Energy, consists of a new 500 kilovolt (kV) AC transmission line that will carry approximately 600 megawatts of electricity, including from renewable energy resources, in northern Nevada. Secretary Chu announces that DOE has finalized a $343 million loan guarantee, supported by the Recovery Act, to develop the One Nevada Transmission Line, known as the ON Line project. Highlights in the budget include: $3.2 billion for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, $300 million in credit subsidies to support approximately $3-4 billion in renewable energy and energy efficient projects projects, $36 billion in loan guarantee authority to help jumpstart the domestic nuclear industry, $5.4 billion for the Office of Science to expand investment in basic energy sciences, advanced scientific computing and biological and environmental sciences, $550 million for the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), $146 million to support the three existing Energy Innovation Hubs and to establish three new Hubs, $100 million to continue supporting 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers started in 2009, a five-year FY 12 to FY 16 request of nearly $65 billion for NNSA, and $2.5 billion in the NNSA Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation program, part of a five-year, $14.2 billion commitment.