Don’t Just Sit There! Start Chat

Tony Owens, one of the most senior sales leaders in the cloud software space, recently joined LivePerson as President of Worldwide Field Operations. After the prepared remarks, the management from LivePerson will conduct a question-and-answer session and conference participants will be given instructions at that time. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. When you think about other cultures, start with who you are and what your assumptions are. The third thing they do is, they’ll go back and forth about five times to sites that sell the products, the competitors, to see who’s the cheapest and who ships overnight. I wanted to loop back to the first topic on payment. We’re actually now expanding the voice payments, so we could do a voice conversation, take a payment. So we built more than just a payment system which is running. Are you able to touch more broadly on any updates on the product, any initial feedback from data customers and something about your go-to-market strategy that you’re able to share? Yes, as I mentioned before it’s in the market now and I talked about two use cases when I was doing my initial script.

When you’re done, you’ll see your typing speed and accuracy, as well as a number of “XP” points that you can use to level up if you make a user account. So with that we’ll see you in Q2 and thank you for all your support. Its X2 plan is described as an all-in-one voice, video & chat solution, with added support for VoIP fax and integration with enterprise apps. They were putting us down, like, oh that’s such lightweight stuff and you want enterprise software. There’s just so much opportunity right now it’s like every quarter it is like a new adventure for the company like there’s just-like this city thing that popped up and so they’re like look we want to get our employees back to work can you help us? And I want to thank the team for just having an exceptional quarter obviously this is 38% growth is the highest growth quarter we’ve had in the history of the company and it’s not just that we have an awesome platform which is the engineering team has done a great job with and they continue to. We’ve had now four consecutive quarters of 25% plus growth. Yeah. So as I mentioned international growth was contributed to both by a APAC and EMEA, APAC led growth in that regard within EMEA though we continue to accelerate beyond the fourth quarter.

Welcome to LivePerson’s Second Quarter 2021 Earnings Conference Call. Peter. Congratulations on the quarter and I appreciate you taking the question. To give everyone the opportunity to participate, please limit yourself to one question and one follow-up only. Our next question will come from Peter Levine with Evercore ISI. And our ultimate goal is one day to put something in the home something that will rival and Alexa. At some point though, milk became something your bought at the supermarket, in a disposable plastic bottle that you put in “the recycling” but the plastic is mostly not in fact recycled at all but just moved around. Care was our beachhead, but we really now are at this inflection point of seeing this type of technology go everywhere. We’re now seeing also an expansion of use cases outside of our beachhead and in customer care from Dunkin to automotive to healthcare to even in-home rapid COVID testing which is testament to the Conversational Cloud being the leading Conversational AI platform in the world. Conversational Cloud. We believe conversational commerce is going to replace, not only voice calls, but a lot on traditional e-commerce, and we’re seeing that start of that today.

We’re going to charge a dark force wards as a business model. Last Spring if you joined us for WASDA CONNECT 2021, you heard this presenter offer in industry-tailored assessment of issues, challenges and strategies to grow your business over the next two years. Four consecutive quarters of double-digit margins and three consecutive quarters of reaching the Rule of 40. And I think all this demonstrates our ability to enhance the operating leverage, while aggressively growing the business. It allows proactive engagement by reaching out to customers before they even ask questions. So yeah, so we were out there with it. We have our Conversational Bank out there so as a company we’re not this one trick pony just in care. We’ve also as somebody of you know as we launched a digital bank called BELLA which is also an extension it’s more than an extension of this platform so we actually have a credit card in the market right now a Visa card and that’s connected to a Conversational Bank that we built and so-and then the connectivity of the payments overall.