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After completing that step, you can add your chat widget to your site with an embed code. This is an accurate typing speed test because you can choose to take a test where you’re writing actual paragraphs with punctuation instead of strings of words or easy sentences. They asked us to build an app we called Bella that would take the power of our Conversational AI that they use in their contact centers and see if we can apply it to at home rapid testing. With our turnkey technology testing solution, we can source, deliver and help manage workplace rapid testing programs, all powered by a very supportive conversational AI. Over the long term, our particular analytics are expected to help them diagnose the health of their conversations and our productive messaging and embedded commerce capabilities are expected to help them reengage and take payments in seamless and app experiences. Over the course of our tenure partnership, we worked together to continue to increase the Home Depot’s messaging volume on our conversational cloud. Volume on our Conversational Cloud continues to rise, increasing five percent sequentially and 18% year-over-year to a new high watermark by total AI-enabled bond increased 50% year-over-year.

Our vision of putting AI at the center of scaling conversational commerce also continues to be validated as we saw customer adoption of AI continue to drive platform usage in the third quarter. With great execution, our team continues to focus on go-to-market initiatives and capitalize on the demands in the market. As a long-standing customer, ANZ trust LivePerson for our comprehensive conversational AI capabilities, our ability to provide the right talent and our expertise to help upscale their workforce enabling them to transform to a digital focus first on customer care moving forward. This renewal was fueled by the growing volume and our proven ability to help drive revenue and reduce operational expense for the brand. In a post-pandemic world, we expect brands move away from just coping with the crisis toward long-term planning for digital transformation, shifting volume to messaging and automation as soon as possible. We strongly believe this tremendous success can be replicated across other brands. Conversational commerce is powered by a consumer’s ability to have an always-on asynchronous connection which can be delivered over messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and SMS.

We have a tremendous market opportunity with only 20% messaging penetration to date. The performance-based restricted stock units will be eligible to vest based on our attainment of the 2015 financial performance goal as well as each executive’s continued employment through the vesting date. Please visit the Astrud Gilberto Store, where you will find many autographed items for sale, which include several of Astrud Gilberto CDs, including “Jungle”, the artist latest recorded album. As our strategic partnership grows, we plan to continue to support home details focused on digital customer experiences, using automation to drive more efficiency and scalability and offering industry-leading shopping and customer service experiences on channels, including web passaging assets, Apple business jet and Google business messages. They will increasingly bring care and commerce journey together to let customers enjoy natural conversational experiences, caring context and continuity across all channels. Today, we have partnerships with several big customers in the industry. In addition to exciting new customers in key verticals, we’re also seeing continued strength in our relationship with our longtime customers, many of which expanded their partnerships with LivePerson in Q3. First, we continued signing new logos and expansions within fast-growing verticals, such as healthcare and blockchain.

Among the many interesting items in Q3, I’d like to highlight some trends we saw in healthcare. I’d like to highlight a new customer in the retail vertical, one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world signed a seven-figure multiyear deal in Q3 and recently launched our Conversational Cloud to enhance the sales experience. In another win for the quarter, we expanded our 10-year-plus long relationship with one of the world’s largest entertainment and media companies for a seven-figure ACV multiyear contract. Additional notable win in the quarter is our strategic multiyear expansion with another long-term customer, the Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer. We trained 600 messaging agents during the pandemic to support the brand, saving the retailer an estimated $100 million in expenses. Live chat promotes a proactive chat feature, which helps prevent customers from leaving your site by providing them with personalized support and attention.