Avenue Speak: Live Chat

Robert: Look, we played into that chat could increase sales and decrease your costs. 0.7 million fair value re-measurement adjustment, which was recorded in operating income as a decrease to general and administrative expenses and costs of revenue. Robert: Exactly. What we’ve found is that, let’s say, a high value customer, someone who takes 3 courses, may show a pattern. Andrew: I see. So even back then, you knew, if you could give your customers numbers to show how valuable you were, they would be more likely to keep you. Robert: We started to build basic analytics back then, and actually in 2005, we actually build the behavioral targeting engine, a very sophisticated analytics engine, which today supports all of our product lines. So even back then we measured conversion, and it was really important to prove the value. Demonstrating “net realisable value” proves hard for many software projects. So we can look at the pattern that they did on your website and say, this is a high value customer. Andrew: Here, if you pay month to month, you can break up any time and you don’t have to keep paying, but still, how do you prove to customers that your software helps increase their sales in a world without the terrific analytics which we have today?

The customer can also have a live chat integrated with mobile apps or platforms-for either Android or iOS-such as whatsapp business live chat, facebook live chat business support, or google business live chat. We took the intelligence in the data layers, and we have chat, we have a product called LP marker, you can send out marketing campaigns like coupons on a website. Today, we still measure conversion, that’s why we have all large customer (?) 10 million a year, because we measure conversion. We’ve got ways in which you can take the data and intelligence and enhance your keyword vise on Google, we have a way to read the chat transcripts now and look for marketing intelligence. It’s really for the benefit of the consumer, so they can feel more personal, they’ve got a personal touch from you. Our mission is to create meaningful connections, this is what our company’s mission is, we believe with our customers, creating very deep connections is necessary for our products to succeed and it’s what our products do for them, their customers. And the thing is, because we developed the first hosted model and we would say, look, just put the tags on your page.

Andrew: I see. I sell a product called Mixergy premium where courses are taught by real entrepreneurs and you’re saying that what I can do is, as someone’s going through my site, I might be able to pop up a coupon and say… So we’re really moving the company towards being more of a data/intelligence platform that powers applications to create conversions in real time. Because we realized, analytics is what really powers these things. Like the printers of my teenage years, some things appear to be products but in fact are subscriptions. Live Person has come a long way since its early years, having survived the dot-com crash and grown to become the leader in Conversational AI and automation solutions, currently serving over 18,000clients, with 1,200 employees worldwide. I knew that it was a new technology, a new idea, so for the buyers, they need a way to get out of the contracts and we sold month to month at the time.

It’s a way to just use the data that we as consumers are providing on a website to help. So it’s chat, it’s mobile, it’s social, it’s couponing. In addition to Business Chat, this week Apple launched HomePod, its answer to smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. What Is Apple Business Chat And Why Is It Important? RingCentral Office is a robust VoIP business phone system which prides itself on being chock full of features and easily accessible by means of its flexible plans. Robert: Yeah, so, in 2001, we put a restructuring plan to the board and we were basically going to lay off, go from 100 employees down to 40. Convert all of our customers onto that platform, the company we bought from Israel; get out of all the equipment we had, because we had all that equipment for hosting; and the last one was get out of our lease, our physical office lease (we had about 40,000 square feet and we had about $250,000 a month payment). If it doesn’t work, take it down tomorrow.