All the pieces You Wanted to Find out about Live Chat and Have been Afraid To Ask

So, even in the busiest virtual reference library operation, chat remains very much a niche service, and the vast majority of patrons still seem to want to ask their questions face to face or over the phone. Let’s have a look at our expert pick of the very best live chat software service providers to help you grow your business. In many ways, I want to carry the torch forward, as in I want to help as many people as Tony did. So they help us decide the packaging. And it’s what I feel like I want to do for entrepreneurs, because we’re all dying, like, Tony unfortunately went earlier, we’re all going, but if you want to be remembered for that Tony is being remembered for, helping others. Our goal is to create the best possible product, and your thoughts, ideas and suggestions play a major role in helping us identify opportunities to improve. That’s our product he told me, you know, that’s our product, not shoes. And I’ve seen the first day sell — excuse me, they went live right before the holiday, before Thanksgiving so they could get the holidays.

So, literally I’m like — I booked — it was maybe two or three days later, I wasn’t going to, like, let any time slip, I got on a plane, I actually took two other people who worked with me, and we got on a plane and went there, and we spent the day with Tony and his team, and he graciously took me around. So, my take is, I think he knew, but there’s a humility with guys like that, where that’s what makes them so good, there’s a humility that comes with them that makes you ask that question right there. But the short answer to your question is, yes, there are efficiencies gains. We’re now like, we’re going to put our money where our mouth is, show it can be done, show that this is a great brand. Now I have the device, it’s in my pocket every day and I can use it to read everything. Perhaps it’s time for you to use a CRM software. Tony came out here, you know, Vegas I spend time.

LoCascio: So, when Tony’s book came out, Delivering Happiness, which I think is over 10 years ago. So, what’s happening is that we’re going to put QR codes down next to products in stores, so that you can go, you can take your phone out, hit the QR code and talk to a person who’s not in the store or an AI, an automation, so you can, kind of, shop, getting the connection and the service you want, in your mobile device, but you don’t have to have somebody in your face, because of social distancing, at least today. We’ve talked about, sort of, being commoditized as banking consumers, and that risk runs great when it comes to retail. And so, we wanted to create a way in which they can bring their business online and provide those expertise and have that sort of management. So we want to basically get the machines to do as much as we can in making the bot, tuning it and scaling. And you know, keep on iterating and developing, without having to worry so much about all of those rules and regulations that banks have to follow.

Like, a chef has a lot of value in the world, it just may not be in a restaurant they’re cooking for people, but cooking for them in their home virtually and getting them to cook the meal has as much value as cooking for them in a restaurant sometimes. They’re losing trust, because they know they’re going to have an issue, what is that the consumer feels, a person feels like, hey, I may have an issue here with this, I’m going to buy something. So I hopefully going into next year, we have that as a continued way to grow the marketing side. ² should have been patented! LoCascio: Yeah. And look, we have some retailers who are — we just signed one of the largest jewelry retailers in the world. We write that on the website, we’re not looking for consumers and customers, we’re looking for people who care about doing something different and being a part of this experience as a member. So, there’s a penalty that’s being put on the consumers because some of the people internally are doing bad things. That’s been truly a win-win, and I think just really unlocks a lot of potential, because it gives you, as the tech company, the agility, right, the ability to go in there and, as they say, break things and move quickly.