9 Ways To Reinvent Your Zendesk

As a long-standing customer, ANZ trust LivePerson for our comprehensive conversational AI capabilities, our ability to provide the right talent and our expertise to help upscale their workforce enabling them to transform to a digital focus first on customer care moving forward. A notable Gainshare deal in Q3 was our expansion with ANZ Bank, one of the three largest banks in Australia. We also expanded in Q3 with one of the largest beauty and cosmetic companies; in the world. So it’s a combination of large corporations, virtually every one of our clients have large captives. Strategically, these dimensions are value where we see the immediate and disruptive opportunity with the combination of LivePerson, VoiceBase and Tenfold. Acquiring VoiceBase and Tenfold was also central to our AI strategy. While we continue to deliver results, the central theme of the third quarter was executing on the investment strategy that we expect to unlock new record of growth in 2022 and beyond.

As Rob said earlier, a key theme of the third quarter was the extended partnership with many long-standing customers. Let me shed some light on this theme with our existing customers. Global brands trust our technology to enable conversational commerce, resolve common customer requests, and deliver content on-demand to reach their customers where they are. And more importantly than just closing them, we are finding that they translate into bigger engagements down the road. Simultaneously, we built and scaled their personalized connections with consumers doubling their average online shopping card value and generate more than $520 million in incremental revenue in the year. Other times, a patent gives you much more power than would a trade secret that would be reversed engineered decently in shorter time. And it’s just content for people to help them feel good, and keep glowing in this time where it’s hard to be glowing, and to be positive.

And thank you for your time and for everybody, like always, stay safe. In addition, deep out-of-the-box API integrations into CRMs Business Intelligence Systems a range of service and customer support systems allows us to capture contextual data and deliver seamless workflow automation, generally, robust data capture and access to rich back-ends like this are the bedrock of a great AI. LivePerson (NASDAQ:LPSN) recently released its 3Q20 earnings results and just like last quarter, they were strong. In terms of guidance, with the third quarter results landing in the upper end of our range and solid execution on our strategy, we are raising 2021 revenue guidance to a range of $468 million to $471 million or 27.7% year-over-year to 28.5% year-over-year. Thank you, Rob. The third quarter of 25 or greater revenue growth with both revenue and adjusted EBITDA exceeding the midpoint of our prior guidance range. For example, volume for our top 20 brands increased 25% year-over-year and 175% over the third quarter of 2019. With the majority of our top 20 now on CPI or Gainshare pricing models, we are benefiting from a tighter connection between usage and revenue. Note that these revenue sources, namely AI-assisted healthcare testing, professional services and Gainshare tend to exert pressure on gross margins.

In Q3, we launched a strategic playbook for Gainshare customizing it around brand desired outcomes. Opening our reach to billions of consumers and echoing that brand should include with their customers through messaging. In terms of market dynamics, while brand broadly migrating to cloud offerings, the motion is complicated by legacy infrastructure and compliance as well as high switching costs. In combination, VoiceBase and Tenfold are responsive to these market dynamics and increased demand by brands for consolidation in a single pane of glass. Within the saturated greater CRM market where Salesforce and HubSpot (HUBS) are competing for market leadership in Sales and Marketing consecutively, Zendesk will continue to own the Customer Service/Experience CRM market. It will be customer support and sales. And they’re organizing. So what we do want is the ability for our customers to chat with out customer support reps on the chat rooms, this is awesome. In addition to exciting new customers in key verticals, we’re also seeing continued strength in our relationship with our longtime customers, many of which expanded their partnerships with LivePerson in Q3. Further, we’re also extending the e-bot seven product suite to deliver instant automation for downstream customers of our partner marketplaces.