9 Practical Ways to turn Chat Right into a Sales Machine

One way LivePerson makes engagement with customers quicker is by routing your customers’ chats through the nearest data center. We had a vision five years ago that messaging would become more pervasive than web and apps one day in delivering unique and powerful digital consumer experiences. When we were originally looking at our TAM back 5 years ago, we did not have companies like this in it. What’s causing this challenge is that security professionals don’t realize that bots have identities just like humans. You also have engineering background, we’re taking you to Japan. Before taking questions, I’ll emphasize several strategic themes that underscore our performance in the second quarter and expectations for growth over the next 18 months. This range reflects increasing demand for conversational AI and balance expectations for additional revenue from our exciting but nascent healthcare testing business. Hosted Services Business revenue is reported at the amount that reflects the ultimate consideration expected to be received and primarily consist of fees that provide customers access to LiveEngage, the Company’s enterprise-class, cloud-based platform. We also rapidly delivered end-to-end messaging services to manage voice operations and messaging operations through our Gainshare business. We expect our AI-based voice offering to hit the market next year and to benefit from the voice operations we’re currently managing within the Gainshare portfolio.

While we’ve demonstrated an ability to enhance operating leverage and grow at 25% plus, we see an opportunity to substantially increase our market share. And revenue retention was again above the high end of our target range of 105% to 115%. In terms of revenue trends by vertical, we continue to see significant revenue growth within the retail and e-commerce space, driven by commerce related uses of the platform. And finally, we continued onboarding world-class sales and marketing leaders to help plot our course to even greater growth. Andrew: This was even before you came up with chat, you were still building communities, this was a company called Town? In the second quarter, it marked our fifth consecutive quarter of 25% plus revenue growth, with the last two exceeding 30%, and our fourth consecutive quarter of operation at the Rule of 40. While our strategy to enhance operating leverage clearly delivered the intended results, we see rapidly increasing demand for conversational AI within both care and commerce as an opportunity to grow even faster. We started out competing in the traditional voice contact center market, and now we see a host of other opportunities in the consumer experience area. By adding social, we are able to deliver a more seamless consumer experience and enable brands to consolidate consumer connections into a single platform.

Improving the online experience to offer expertly curated customer experiences. At the moment, it seems that the high street is outperforming the web in this respect, with 77% saying they are generally satisfied with customer service in-store, compared to 67% online. Tenfold’s notices to End Customer must be given to End Customer’s primary account contact at the email address provided to Tenfold by End Customer or the Distributor, and if available to Tenfold, copied to the physical address for the primary contact for End Customer. Along the same trend of managing end user engagement through a single platform, we had several brands that are power users of social media, move their social media communications to us. They had a very large social media implementation with a well-known entrenched competitor, and they decided to consolidate the social onto our conversational cloud. The versatility of the conversational cloud has given rise to a broad spectrum of new uses in every industry. LPVID: Visitor ID identified in Conversational Cloud. Brands are coming to us for our fully integrated automated messaging solution, which can also incorporate social data trends into the intelligence of using AI for targeting consumers around specific intents.

After two large wins centered around our social media management tools, we’re also allocating capital to extend our platform’s capabilities in this domain. Second, we extended our care and commerce capabilities through integrations with Google and Adobe, the latter of which leverages our AI solutions to deliver personalized consumer experiences at scale. We started with a care use case focused on automating answers to common inquiries and driving transactions by engaging buyers in messaging while they were shopping online. Our operations and financial results are subject to various risks and uncertainties, including those described in Part I, Item 1A. “Risk Factors” in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2015, filed on March 15, 2016, which could adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations, cash flows, and the trading price of our common stock. As discussed last quarter, we have refined our Gainshare go-to-market motion to enable rapid deployment of managed services for both messaging and voice operations. LPSN generated $38MM in cash from operations and increased cash by $22MM. So if they’re not totally, like if you go to your customers, and they they all tell you oh, that’s that’s a good product, you know, you go to 100 customers and they go off.