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They have a standard plan that admits to all of the main live chat functions and a pro plan designed to partner with your chat experts. But they don’t do anything on the messaging side, so we have combined forces of how do we bring an engagement strategy to selling and marketing. What happened is competitors are still back trying to compete with messaging. And what’s happened now is, I would say our platform is sort of self-actualizing in many ways, which it started as messaging as a communication channel. It’s not just messaging as a communication channel. Every day there is another article about messaging and conversational AI and conversational commerce. How do you drive more than one use case outside of kind of core customer care into commerce and marketing and social, and kind of where are we on that journey? It was a very early adopter thing for the first couple of years, but we definitely have transitioned into more mass adoption and especially retail.

Then as we started to get a lot of volume from our customers and maybe 30%, 40% of their voice volume transitioned to messaging, then they want to automate it at scale because they don’t want to add human agents, so they want to automate that. Rich analytics help brands understand the true voice of their customer and capitalize on unmet needs. And especially in selling, the brands just want to have this different relationship. Telstra and Harvey Norman are the first two Australian brands to adopt Apple Business Chat allowing customers who are iOS users to interact directly with the company online. Given that WhatsApp has 1 billion daily active users and Apple has more than 1 billion active devices in the world, Facebook and Apple are likely to become two significant disruptive forces not only to businesses, but also to traditional communications, collaboration and contact center markets. It’s also hopelessly vague, being applied loosely to everything from the simple bots that use preselected choices to Bank of America’s sophisticated digital assistant Erica and even to Siri and Alexa, the voice-powered virtual assistants from Apple and Amazon.

And then just I was just kind of wondering how you are thinking about kind of the up-sell opportunity and being able to push more of these incremental use cases that you are talking about into the rest of the customer base today? We’re always looking for more case studies on innovative technology as well as your company’s B2B email success stories. And we are leaving some areas open that we don’t want to leave open, and we think there is more verticals to go after, and there is just more use cases even beyond care. It will not be assigned to anyone, but you can use rules to assign conversations automatically (see below). They are running different use — they are running different content over it. We actively have done that over the last two quarters. I just wanted to get a better sense for how you are thinking about those go-to-market investments and what gives you the confidence to more than double the rep headcount over the next few months, over the next six months here? They also require an hour or more of my undivided attention when it’s quiet enough in my house to record, and then another hour re-encoding the video, then maybe another of editing the automated closed-captioning files.

So — and then even the social side, opening up socially, there are public companies that are social media companies and we know we can take that business. So, we also know there is some activity in those areas. So, there is just a lot of overall activity in the business today. We built a lot of great automation capabilities and continue to. Hi. Great. Thanks for taking my question. Okay. No, that’s great to hear. Sure. We continue to add to our partner network. Cost of revenue increased by 39% to $15.6 million in the three months ended March 31, 2015, from $11.2 million in the comparable period in 2014. This increase in expense was primarily attributable to total compensation and related costs for additional and existing customer service, network operations personnel and external consultants in the amount of approximately $2.2 million, an increase in outside labor provider fees of approximately $1.1 million, and an increase in primary and backup server facilities and allocated overhead related to costs of supporting our server and network infrastructure of approximately $1.0 million as a result of increased revenue. In turn, the chat engine 108, either directly or indirectly through the expert search server 104, can update the current status associated with the corresponding expert profile in the database 106 to indicate the expert’s current status.