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Users can send comments or questions about what’s going on on screen and I can respond either in chat or by showing something on the stream. Of course, for users that don’t want to chat in the browser, they can just join in a normal IRC client and still interact with me and other viewers, something that is not (easily) possible with a YouTube or Twitch stream. Since I already have an IRC channel for a community based around my other videos, I just used Libera Chat’s Javascript chat widget in an to allow users to join right from the stream page. You can make video calls, conferences, and webinars, and it’s free to join. By the end of 2018, Baidu Scholar included hundreds of thousands of academic websites with an index of over 400 million literature resources, thus providing free access to a huge amount of Chinese and foreign literature.

It is dedicated to contributing resource retrieval technology and big data mining analysis capabilities to academic research and optimizing academic resources. Baidu Scholar aims to become the biggest, most comprehensive research platform in China. Note that the interface of Baidu Scholar is available only in Chinese. Graphic design, web design, user experience and user interface all tend to fall under the umbrella of design. The interface is in include/ctc.h. From an enterprise standpoint, the functionality provides rich use cases while removing the adoption barriers that typically slow down the client’s decision-making process during the trial. While controversial to some, the programs also have plenty of backers. For example, CTC can be used to train end-to-end systems for speech recognition, which is how we have been using it at Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab. Because of this, the speed of CTC implementations can only be fairly compared if they are both performing the calculation the same way. In terms of I want to buy something, we have a way to analyze that and then use machine learning algorithms to then scale those conversations.

It writes this count to a text file that some Javascript fetches every 10 seconds when the video is on and then updates the view counter under the screen. Can you view them on a mobile device or tablet? I am using hls.js to do the actual HLS processing in the browser since only Mobile Safari has native support for a tag with an HLS stream as its source. Most of the creative possibilities are self-evident if you write the source code yourself and design your website through the use of programming languages. Partners, friends, clients, directories, and social media profiles are all ability assets for hyperlinks pointing in your internet site. People should be able to tell what the site is about just by reading the domain name. Plugins are to your WordPress site what apps are to your smartphone. In contrast, business method patents, as well as Bilski’s application, may often times be construed to cover processes that are entirely mental. Apple Business Chat is the biggest driver within the U.S., and they’re all going very strong. We leveraged their leadership to more than triple the number of messaging endpoints integrated on LiveEngage, adding Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Google Rich Business Messenger, Google Ad Lingo and Alexa in just 8 months.

But now that she can be remote, she has more options. These solutions can offer data the freedom to move as fast and easily as applications. Work fast with our official CLI. The process is straightforward: edit the elements on the page one by one, add your content, upload your images, realign some elements, add new ones, and so on – until you have a homepage that serves the purpose of your website. It would have been nice if rtsp-simple-server could do this rough viewer count calculation on its own and send the count as some kind of metadata in the HLS playlist, so I could avoid the additional server process and each client having to fetch this counter separately. I’m also displaying a live viewer count which is done by a script on my server tailing the rtsp-simple-server log file and making a rough count of viewers based on unique IPs that have fetched a video chunk within the past 30 seconds.