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Online, real-time communication sessions can include real-time chat sessions over a network or internet telephony-based sessions, and offline, non-real-time communication sessions can include email or text messaging. We have a lot of support from the partner network. The idea combines concepts of what in the past may have achieved with shortcodes, custom HTML, and embed discovery into a single consistent API and user experience. So that tells us it’s really the consumer behavior is changed and they’re just using these, this wave of commerce than what they were doing in the past. According to research from BCG, the market for conversational commerce is expected to exceed $130 billion over the next 5 years and we believe we are uniquely positioned to benefit from this secular shift. Are you shocked to hear that? Yes, both are still the goal. Yes, I will think more generally, we haven’t provided that level of granularity. So that-we think we will still spend what we expected during the remainder of the year. Our next question will come from Steve Enders with KeyBanc. Our next question will come from Mike Latimore with Northland Capital Markets.

Our next question will come from Zach Cummins with B. Riley. Over time, the minutes will turn into hours of saved time that you can spend on other activities. In the warehouse, using AI solutions helps reduce errors because AI robots understand their positioning and can place and retrieve them as needed. Midori is a fast, lightweight, LGPL licensed browser using the WebKit rendering engine. Well we have a good engine for enterprise right now. And of course we’ve refined the playbook for gain share which is also winning deals in the enterprise. Live Chat strives to give you the safest chat experience, however use common sense when using the rooms; never give out personal information to anyone you do not trust. But can you give us a sense for what the average percent ACV uplift looks like on those contracting versions? And so it’s just a great solution versus like trying to transform their own contact centers where we take it over and we own the transformation.

Great, thanks. Yes great quarter. Typelit uses these free classics to help you learn how to type at a fast speed, while also reading great books. Rather, Virgin says, it uses the LivePerson technology to bring in incremental revenue or to increase average order values. And I guess is that a function of the investment cadence or you have mentioned that revenue earlier. In February 2014, the Company made a cost method investment in technology licenses in the amount of $3.2 million. It’s indeed because of the investment cadence and the growth opportunities we see on the horizon. So, we continue to see a push. So, I don’t see it going back. Got it. And I guess like going back to one of the earlier questions about the guidance. Got it, thank you. We get this big bump in Q4, and then we come down off of it, and we didn’t come off of it again. And everyone’s asking about it now even though once COVID, we’re vaccinated and people get back. So, they’re not going back. So, Maxis and Hotlink, can you please consider to bring back the Validity 90 or Validity 365 for ease of Hotlink users and myself with following facts: 1. CALL NOW.

So, we bumped up and-we’re higher now than we were at the holidays. So, that’s contributing to the ARPU growth. So, we are moving very quick to get into the voice automation arena. Using these questions helps you understand things from the customer’s perspective as you get descriptive feedback. Also, it will help you get an idea about which tool falls under your expectations and which doesn’t in one glance. Just on that sales headcount are you, I think you were expected to get set to about $110 million by year-end. Most of the additional quota carriers we intend to bring on and up to that $110 million marker throughout the year would be in the mid-market. And part of that impacts the number of quota carriers that we brought on board. So a big part of the upside on the bottom line was just due to the pace at which we could deploy capital. On projects we have worked on in the past, we have done everything from implemented websocket servers that run as part of the same executable that serves an HTTP API, to created a multi-threaded worker system that required far less overhead than managing individual Linux processes necessary for workers written in languages with limited concurrency support.