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Can you just give us some more details on what the growth opportunity is that, that partnership unlocks and maybe the size of the practice that Infosys is planning to roll out with LivePerson? Great to hear the partnership with Infosys. Got it. And then I just want to maybe dig into the Infosys partnership a little bit more. The last question, the beginning of it was a little hard to hear on my end. 7. CUSTOMER OBLIGATIONS. End Customer may not use the Tenfold Solution to collect or manage data from any third-party service other than the Supported Third-Party Services. And what may be it ramps to, let’s say, a year or two years later? Many services have been reticent to share data publicly, which — in and of itself — may indicate a sensitive issue. And then I have a follow-up question. Understood. My follow-up question is on the payments platform.

Hey, guys. Thank you for taking my question. The next question is from Sterling Auty with JPMorgan. The next question is from Ryan MacDonald with Needham & Company. The next question is from Richard Baldry with Roth Capital. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions. And we are — we created a way to create thousands of automations, like we’re setting up thousands of small businesses, and then we’re — simultaneously, when they’re set up, automations are automatically set up. And maybe if there’s a discussion around that around other automation things that you’re putting in place that are helping you gain leverage there. This telco, there was an article written from the person who runs all of consumer experience, and he said that and this came out a couple of weeks ago that they will not be returning to physical contact centers, that they will be maintaining the virtualized workforce concept.

The Company also offers an online marketplace that connects independent service providers (“Experts”) who provide information and knowledge for a fee via mobile and online messaging with individual consumers (“Users”). And we need to have a unified way to handle payment across messaging endpoints, across customers, because right now, it’s difficult and you have to go to a web flow out of messaging. We’re working with top brands in the telecoms and banking space right now to get this done, moving customer care away from costly, analog voice calls with frustrating hold times and toward consumer-friendly mobile messaging. They also have a lot of rebuild infrastructure for powering e-commerce and a range of other areas, including financial services, that are already — we’re working with. And 1 example there is, on the e-commerce front, Infosys has some technology that helps the customer integrate to product catalogs and other back-end systems that smooth the path for the Conversational Cloud to integrate and begin delivering conversational commerce.

As users start feeling the burden of higher costs as the size of their cloud data warehouse grows, they’ll start looking for cheaper AND open options that don’t lock them into a proprietary format or technology. More than 18,000 businesses, including Adobe, Citibank, EE, HSBC, IBM, L’Oreal, Orange, PNC, and The Home Depot employ our technology to keep pace with rising customer service expectations and to align with preferences for digital communication channels. Since its founding, LivePerson has expanded its reach across various countries including London, England, Israel, Melbourne, Australia, Alpharetta, Mannheim, Berlin, Germany, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Japan, Georgia, Milan, Italy, Paris, France, and Tokyo. In terms of investments, one of the key areas of investment is to create the suite of self-service tools that enable our partners to work with monitor and assist the customers that they sell the Conversational Cloud to without human interaction on the LivePerson side. Is it sort of like a sequential when in terms of close rate? Can you give us a sense of sort of what the — what you’d expect the general cadence of those renewals would look like over the next 12, 24 months?