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Free online survey tools & market research software from SurveySparrow – turn your boring feedback surveys into engaging conversations. In addition, the research underlying the report indicates that 93% see real-time help as beneficial when shopping online and 31% will take their business elsewhere unless help is accessible immediately. Not only does this help evolve partnerships away from more generic AI projects, it will also place a greater focus on time-to-value partnerships as opposed to do-it-yourself approaches, helping to lower the barrier to AI adoption more than ever. I said, “Let’s get ahead of this. Let’s start to create some frameworks and let’s invite people in, let’s invite companies in, let’s invite other leaders in, let’s invite a diverse group of people to help shape how this could be.” It gets a little tiring hearing Elon Musk talk about how AI is the basically the existential threat to humanity. Share this eBook, “socialize” the ideas to get buy-in from the right people, and brainstorm about improvement possibilities. Contrary to popular belief, websites are not “just on the internet” or “on Google.” Instead, they’re housed on web servers – web hosting setups – and then get served to all visitors from there.

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